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A Supply Chain is a network that connects a business and its suppliers, in order to produce and distribute products to a buyer. Without such infrastructure, businesses would find it challenging to deliver at the level necessary to compete in an ever-growing and expanding market. And thanks to companies like Amazon, the bar has become almost impossibly high. 

You need every advantage you can get.

That’s where SCM comes into play. With an SCM solution, custom-designed and developed by SCM software companies, your service, visibility, control, and delivery of solutions will begin to rival that of the best in the industry. You’ll reduce bottlenecks and stoppages in the delivery mechanisms which can wreck your SCM and inventory management. With solid SCM, enterprises provide their customers with development processes and software solutions to better deliver goods and services.

A customized SCM solution can ensure that your enterprise software development and implementation are capable of delivering products, help, systems, and materials on time and with a level of information security required in today’s fast-moving business world of constant and consistently delivered services. 

So, where do you turn when you demand such systems and planning for your solution?  To a software development outsourcing company like BairesDev. With our nearshore software development engineers, we can deliver the features your businesses need while ensuring that the SCM of your various custom operations reduces costs and increases enterprise efficiency.

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What Is SCM?

Your supply chain can get overwhelming. From product requirements, help, demand, design to delivery of software, there could be any number of steps involved in supply chain management, each of which could bring your workflow to a halt and negatively impact your experience. 

Because of this, you need the real-time solutions your managers and software developers demand. The procurement of such enterprise software development doesn’t have to create problems or reduce your delivered apps, solutions, services, components, or your product.

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    What Makes Up a Supply Chain?
    Typical operations involve the following:

    • • Customer-requirement processing
    • • Purchase-order processing
    • • Sales and Distribution
    • • Inventory management
    • • Goods receipt and Warehouse management
    • • Supplier Management/Sourcing
    • • Forecasting
    • • Reliable network
    In order for custom software management solutions and systems to succeed, the production of applications involves serious planning for its right integration.
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    A Confusing Maze of Logistics
    Each of those areas can be further broken down until the chain becomes an almost impossibly confusing maze of pipelines and workflows. On top of that, you have to consider how many times careful planning and data design can fail you, especially when your development staff isn’t up to the task. Without proper staffing and deploying, supply chain management and software development can become incredibly challenging.
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    What Supply Chain Management Must Do
    The implementation of your solution depends on code that is robust, dependable, flexible, and can go a long way. That code must function in real-time, work in the cloud, be agile, track applications, take information security seriously, and include all of the features specific to your business.

    In other words, it must be a full-blown piece of enterprise software capable of meeting and beating your company needs for supply chain software development.

BairesDev Delivers Supply Chain Software Development

BairesDev specializes in solid end-to-end delivery of tailor-made services and solutions, designed by their top-tier developer and designer teams. Your business can hire a dedicated development BairesDev team with the ability to exceed your SCM expectations. 

We are one of the few supply chain software companies that deliver across the world that can create a system to bolster the management of suppliers, help you optimize operations, and fine-tune your service.

Our SCM solutions can encompass:

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    Mobile app development
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    Web development
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  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Cloud solutions
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Software development
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    QA & Testing
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    IoT and AI
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    Maintenance and support
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    Managed services
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    SCM Consulting
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Blockchain consulting

Stages of SCM development

At BairesDev we are constantly seeking outstanding talent to join our teams. We are convinced that there is no better person, but you, who are already part of our amazing team, to recommend candidates.

Finding a suitable Methodology

The SCM development model that you need will depend on the size of your project, its level of complexity, the timescale, and your budget. 


Defining a Project Specification

A detailed brief helps you to better understand your project and it also provides for appropriate planning and implementation of the SCM workflow processes.


Choosing an Outsourcing Partner

You are ready to hire a software outsourcing team that can deliver what you need. The first step is to understand what skills your current team is lacking, so BairesDev can supplement your in-house developers properly.


Tracking progress with supply chain management tools

Tools like Jira ensure that projects are executed efficiently. Everyone involved can benefit from documented workflows in calendars and messaging threads.


QA testing

Testing your software product throughout the development process, and more so towards the end, is crucial. Responsibility for QA testing should fall to both parties to mitigate the risk of error.


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