Remote Work: Tips From a Company That Does It Successfully

BairesDev shared three remote work tips with to teach companies how to continue working as a team and not get lost in the attempt.
Remote Work Tips

One day in March, all companies in the country had to adjust their dynamics and suddenly pivot to remote work. It was not a choice. Due to the mandatory quarantine order, the country went from having 122 thousand employees in this modality to more than 10 million in less than 24 hours. Managers and team leaders had to get used to having Internet meetings, and collaborators in turn discovered new forms of productivity in remote work.

The Government and the sectors have begun to promote economic openness and the new reality. This has forced companies to think of ways to deal with it while taking care of their employees. Some made the decision to leave their teams at home longer. Others, implement mixed models – face-to-face and remote work days – or were convinced that working from home is a viable option for their businesses. No matter which alternative your company chose, some advice is never too much. For this reason, BairesDev, a leading company in technological solutions specialized in outsourcing software, which has done remote work since its inception, shared with ENTER.CO three tips to continue working as a team and not get lost in the attempt.

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