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As the era of data and technology keeps advancing, website development services are getting more advanced and well defined. Frontend development is a crucial aspect of web development, as it deals with the visual interface of the website—the aspect clients and website visitors can see and work.

Frontend development services convert backend codes to an interactive environment for users by making use of a series of different computer languages to create designs and the visible features of the website. These features include building elements like buttons, navigation, graphics interface, animations, content layout, and organization.

Frontend development companies also build web software and various web applications that have various uses in different fields.

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Technologies We Use in Frontend Development Services

As with any great development project, good tools and technologies are paramount. Frontend development uses various computer languages to create an interactive environment for users to work with. Frontend developers typically use 3 primary technologies or tools: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Although the continuous growing development of technology brings in newer and improved methods for frontend development, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are still currently the bedrock for frontend development.

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    HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a computer language used in web development to structure texts and organize elements such as headlines, buttons, and forms. It also allows for the introduction of media and pictures, as well as making lists, and creating links, tables, special characters, and texts. In general, HTML provides the basic visible structure for the website. It uses tags, professionally called “elements,” to lay the foundation for an interactive environment, and hence, it’s an essential skill for every frontend developer.
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    CSS, fully known as Cascading Style Sheets, is a programming language used to define how the basic structures developed with HTML presents to viewers. It determines the layout, the design, and the way the website will appear on different-size screens. In other words, CSS controls the website’s presentation and appearance. It gives each HTML tag additional properties. While HTML provides the basic structural content and layout of a website, CSS styles the web environment and everything in it.
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    JavaScript (JS) is the third essential tool in frontend development. It’s also a programming language used by both frontend and backend developers. Primarily, JavaScript helps developers modify websites accordingly with the use of frameworks. JavaScript is rather versatile, as it does everything from making a website more interactive to helping to further secure a website to making special effects. It’s used on the majority of websites and all modern browsers support it for its effective and efficient functionality.

The other technologies employed in the frontend development of a website are React, React Native, Angular, Flutter, Bootstrap, Vue, Next, TypeScript, Gatsby, Monorepo, and many more. 

Why Choose BairesDev for Your Business Frontend Development Projects?

Outsourcing is a business strategy employed by different companies. It involves hiring an outside organization or individuals to provide services, handle tasks, or work on a particular section of the company’s projects. Partnering with BairesDev as an outsourcing provider reduces a company’s expenses and increases efficiency.

Outsourcing is an ongoing trend in the business world for quite a number of good reasons, including:

  • Lessening Expenses for the Hiring Company

    Outsourcing provides a way for companies to avoid the monthly expenses that come with employing people as permanent staff. An external team executes tasks at a lesser, more flexible rate depending on the task with a scalable team. This keeps companies from having to pay recruitment fees, insurance, equipment, and so on.

  • Access to Global Resources

    Outsourcing gives businesses a way to access resources all over the world from a global talent pool. Generally speaking, the need for developers everywhere is incredibly high. In the area of frontend development, the competition is tough and there are many developers with knowledge of different computer languages that a company can choose depending on the task.

  • Better Management of Difficult Tasks

    Difficult tasks are generally handled better with outsourcing, as there’s more immediate access to required talent without delays. Should issues arise or highly specific requirements occur, outsourcing teams have the ability to work at a faster rate and even more adequately than a single frontend developer.

  • Improved Risk Management

    All projects and investments of a company carry a certain level of risk. Outsourcing is providing a means for companies to manage risk in a better way. Outsourced projects and tasks are often more accurate and completed in a more timely fashion, as these highly skilled teams hone their crafts even further after each completed task.

Hire Frontend Developers

In terms of website development, the frontend is the graphical user interface created through programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. This interface makes it easier for users to access and interact with the app, website, or service. Many frontend development frameworks are available in the market, such as Vue.js, Svelte, and React, among others.

HTML is primarily responsible for designing the structure of the webpage. CSS is used to make webpages presentable and is responsible for their aesthetics and visual appeal. It defines features like page spacing, colors, and fonts.

You can use JavaScript to make websites more interactive. For example, you can add layered texts and image carousels for displaying more data in a finite space. You can also do partial reloading of the page so that it doesn’t reload every time there are small changes in the code.

Frontend development is a versatile job that requires knowledge and training. A frontend engineer should have excellent knowledge of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. They should also be knowledgeable about frontend development frameworks such as Angular and React. 

Frontend engineers also need excellent problem-solving skills to identify any issues in user experience and provide solutions for these issues. In addition, they should be able to work on debugging and QA. They should also have excellent communication skills and should be great team players.

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Build Frontend Projects with BairesDev

Frontend development turns complicated code into the beautiful websites of the modern design age. It involves making a website user-friendly and interactive with the use of certain technologies. As with the current business trend, outsourcing is one of the best decisions to make for frontend development. At BairesDev, our team of expert frontend developers help transform a company’s project ideas into reality.

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