BairesDev Launches Fast Track Program in LatAm to Hire 1,000 Tech Professionals in the Next Quarter

BairesDev, a tech solutions company, will implement a pilot program in Brazil in which candidates complete a quick 2-minute form to match with open positions and be interviewed within three business days.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif, June 16, 2022 – BairesDev, a leading technology solutions company, launched its Fast Track Hiring Program, aiming to boost its proprietary hiring process by accelerating the interview stage up to 70%, thus contributing to make it more efficient for candidates. With its own staffing suite, designed to find the Top 1% Tech Talent, BairesDev currently hires more than 200 qualified developers every month.

“According to Statista, over 1,400 tech employees were laid off in Latam since April 2022, mostly in Brazil. BairesDev is creating 1,000 job opportunities in this field and we’ve decided to launch the Fast Track Hiring Program pilot in this country, aware of the enormous potential it offers in terms of qualified tech talent for us to keep nurturing our pool in the region”, stated Ezequiel Ruiz, VP of Talent Acquisition at BairesDev.

“In this initial phase, the Fast Track Hiring Program is oriented toward Software engineers with advanced English levels. We’re looking for people specialized in Front End Development, Back End Development, DevOps, QA & Testing, Data Science, and Engineering. We are growing fast so we are constantly looking for the best talent in the region”. 

How the Fast Track Hiring Program works

The candidate fills in a 2-minutes form with their information and main skills. Then, the BairesDev recruitment team will review the candidate’s profile and if there is a fit they will schedule an interview within three business days. 

This is the first step in the recruiting process, which is later complemented with online tests to assess skills and further interviews to assess technical abilities. 

BairesDev is a fast-growing tech company driven by talent. With over 5,000 employees and contractors distributed in almost 600 cities around the globe, the company promotes diversity and gender equality by providing equal opportunities for top talented people, wherever they may be.

By the end of 2022, more than 3,000 people will join BairesDev, expecting a growth rate of 110% compared to 2021.  

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