Paul Azorin, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Interviewed at MarTech Series

In a long and thorough interview with MarTech Series, Paul Azorin talked about his experience at BairesDev, digital transformation, the future of remote work, and more.
MarTech Series Paul Azorin

Paul Azorin, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, BairesDev shared a few thoughts with MarTech Series on the changing trends in B2B IT Services and his journey with remote work culture at BairesDev. To read the full interview, please visit MarTech Series.


What are your thoughts on the future of remote work and the future of in-demand technologies that will serve changing user needs (across departments)?

Being a remote-first company has helped us take down many barriers: from achieving work-life balance to building truly diverse teams where everyone is always welcome. I’ve seen countless times how diverse teams benefit from software development, and I’m happy we are taking this forward thanks to our distributed structure. So I believe that remote work will lead to companies focusing more on the talent rather than on whom the person is or where he lives, which ultimately will translate into more productive and innovative teams. 

In my experience, the projects with the most outstanding results aren’t based on a specific technology, but on the deep understanding of the business needs and the collaborative relationship between team members regardless of their roles, departments, or whether they are in-house or not. We are using Zoom, Jira, Slack, Google Suite as collaboration and communication tools within our teams and they are working really well for us. Of course, we’ve tailored them to our needs and that’s another thing – technology only works if companies make them work for them. Unless it’s custom made, no tool is plug-and-play. 



Take us through some of BaireDev’s upcoming events and upcoming offerings that users can look forward to?

Over the last 4 years, our company has sustained an average annual growth rate of 52% by staying true to its vision: we support the digital acceleration of our clients by delivering high-quality software solutions that always match their needs, regardless of their specificity.

When it comes to services, we specialize in end-to-end delivery of tailor-made tech solutions that bring innovative, scalable, and competitive results to the table. That’s why, at the start of every project, we work closely with each client to build the perfect custom software development team for their needs. After that, our top engineers use agile methodologies to integrate seamlessly with their in-house team and business operations, guaranteeing the smoothest workflow and highest-quality IT service possible.

Last year, in response to the pandemic and its related challenges, we decided to revamp our most-requested services and refocus on what mattered most for our clients: generating tech-driven value faster than ever before. Our Dedicated Teams and Solution Architects services were the most impactful in this strategy. 

For starters, Dedicated Teams are autonomous groups that provide custom-made tech solutions for a single project. To satisfy the new needs our clients had in 2020, we reoptimized our custom team build-up time by refactoring key parts of our proprietary Staffing Hero™ algorithm. Now, most Dedicated Teams integrate with our clients’ operations in just a few days, and BairesDev clients can now start and finish projects at incredibly fast rates without compromising quality.



You mentioned digital transformation and digital acceleration, what are the differences and why is it important?

Digital transformation has become the table stakes for all competitive organizations. Some of our clients had a Digital Transformation plan already developed, but now they are seeking to accelerate the process because they need to provide answers to today’s challenges fast. Others are digital by design and they are focusing on constant improvement and innovation.

Both of them have in common that they need to ditch the traditional digital transformation process and aim for a digital acceleration process, which is more than just a faster digital transformation. A digital acceleration process is about strategically implementing new technologies that provide value today while updating the core IT infrastructure that supports it all.

It’s about adapting the business operations and practices to increase the agility and provide quick solutions for the ever-changing markets of today. Thus, the importance of digital acceleration lies precisely in how it prepares companies to keep providing value for customers and markets that show quickly shifting demands. 

We are digital acceleration experts, in solid end-to-end delivery of tailor-made technology solutions bringing innovative, scalable, and competitive results. We partner with companies that are already on the path of business transformation to help them capture value faster by improving their customers’ experiences and satisfying their needs. 



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