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Since its first appearance more than 2 decades ago, SharePoint has helped multiple businesses improve their content and document management. It’s highly configurable nature has turned it into one of the best ways to deal with disorganized workflows and poor team communication, among other things. In fact, SharePoint can help you handle multiple challenges – and that’s where our SharePoint Consulting Services come in.

At BairesDev, we offer Custom SharePoint Application Development Services and Consulting for businesses of all sizes and across every industry. If you are looking for SharePoint consultation, application development, data migration, support, or any other specific solution, we will provide tailored-fit services that align with your business goals and push you in the right direction. 

We have a dedicated team of expert SharePoint engineers ready to guide you through your digital transformation. And since we are a leading technology solutions company working with the Top 1% IT Talent, all of our SharePoint Services come with guaranteed quality for limited and large-scale projects.

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SharePoint Developers Hiring Guide

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  • Interview questions
  • Job Description

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a collaboration platform owned by Microsoft. It was designed to facilitate content management and document sharing at the business level. In practical terms, SharePoint increases the effectiveness of corporate decision-making by scaling collaboration processes and reducing overall complexity. 

Most organizations partner with SharePoint Development Companies to outsource development of various types of platform applications. Some of the most common are web portals, intranets, extranets, and custom apps. Furthermore, SharePoint integrates really well with Business Intelligence solutions, meaning it can significantly increase productivity on modern dynamic workflows.

Our Approach to SharePoint Development

Our Top 1% IT Talent team has all the technical knowledge and industry expertise to create high-quality and cost-effective solutions for your business.

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    Workflow and Process Management
    Create unique and native workflows that augment your current operations. Transform mundane routines into value-generated processes by automating time-consuming tasks and shortening work cycles. Our top-performing SharePoint Developers will help take productivity to the next level with a transparent system that mitigates human error instances.
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    Legacy Systems Redesign
    It is not uncommon for businesses to work with outdated SharePoint solutions which over time have become greatly inferior to modern versions. Our engineers can redesign the entire platform for you, or develop custom add-ins that keep you on top of your business performance metrics. These can come in the form of third-party elements (web applications) or internal SharePoint components (web parts and workflows).
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    Business-Oriented Development
    When we say we create Custom SharePoint Applications, we mean it. All of our services are business-oriented, meaning we set goals and measure progress based on your current business specifications. Our goal is to help you take full advantage of the flexibility and reliability of SharePoint applications on any level of your corporate structure.
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    Smart Management
    The core of SharePoint applications is to guarantee that your employees can access the right information at the right time with minimal effort. With a custom-design solution, your company will be able to adopt a whole new approach to knowledge collection, classification, documentation, and general management. Easily search, share, and reuse data with customized portals, wiki libraries, and other tools directly integrated with your IT infrastructure.

SharePoint Developers Hiring Guide

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    Hiring Guide

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    Interview Questions

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    Job Description

SharePoint Developers in your company

Hiring SharePoint developers for your company can be a smart move. By having SharePoint engineers in your organization, you can quickly leverage this enterprise-level solution to help your business’ strategic and operational needs. Thus, you can rely on these developers to design and build a wide variety of solutions to boost your operations, including CMS platforms, intranets, BI dashboards, and collaboration tools. 

Besides, your SharePoint team can better understand your specific requirements and goals, given they already are part of your company. Unfortunately, recruiting SharePoint engineers can be very tricky, especially amid a talent shortage that’s hitting all tech companies equally. That’s why you need to analyze the pros and cons of looking for SharePoint talent and decide whether it’s worth the effort and cost to hire them or if it’s better to go with the outsourcing route. 

SharePoint uses cloud storage to streamline the flow of information and can be accessed through different devices and web browsers. In addition, it has several auxiliary tools such as SharePoint Designer and One Sync, which you can use for document synchronization and editing.

You can easily manage SharePoint with its centralized administration feature. Administrators can have quick access to the integral aspects of the system, such as the data backups, security settings, and user privileges.

What programming language is used by SharePoint Developers?

Being a Microsoft product, it’s only natural that SharePoint developers use the .NET framework to better engage with the collaborative platform. That means that, first and foremost, developers need to have an in-depth understanding of .NET and its associated syntax.

That, in turn, means that any .NET languages will work seamlessly in SharePoint. That primarily includes C#, which is the programming language of choice for SharePoint developers. However, .NET also supports F# and C++/CLI (only in Windows) and Visual Basic .NET. It’s also important to note that, if you want to take SharePoint customization to the next level, your developers will have to work with JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. 

SharePoint in today’s market

SharePoint is considered one of the most popular documents and collaboration management systems globally. 85% of the Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint, with over 190 million users worldwide. 

The main reason for using SharePoint is its adaptability and content management. There are different versions of SharePoint. For example, SharePoint Server, a collaboration platform that you can install and manage on-premises. It allows you to fully maximize your SharePoint capabilities and features within your own infrastructure. 

Or you can use SharePoint Online, a cloud-based collaboration solution. It can be deployed remotely and is highly accessible and scalable.

Issues with hiring a SharePoint engineer

A SharePoint engineer’s role requires a huge amount of dedication and perseverance. SharePoint engineers have to be ready to handle unexpected challenges and issues while upholding clients’ expectations. 

But many engineers aren’t experienced enough to handle them. As a result, it becomes difficult to find and hire skilled admins. In fact, a recent survey found out that  95% of SharePoint engineers can’t pass the technical interviews.  

Another issue in hiring SharePoint engineers is that since the platform is highly customizable, it takes time for an engineer to be accustomed to a particular version. This means that companies have to spend a lot of time and money on training.

How to choose the best SharePoint engineer?

To find the best SharePoint engineer for your company, you need to check their knowledge of the .NET framework along with their skills in programming languages such as jQuery and JavaScript. 

They should be experienced in web development and should be able to handle intranet/server issues (since many SharePoint tools are implemented on companies' intranet). They must also know SharePoint frameworks such as SPx. 

The selected engineer should be able to and should be able to build hybrid environments and admin consoles. Candidates with knowledge of SDLC should be preferred. 


SharePoint is a versatile and powerful platform for workplace collaboration. It can solve data access issues and is highly customizable. Any business looking to increase employee participation and decrease communication issues should invest in this tool.

Benefits of hiring SharePoint developers

The single and most important benefit of hiring SharePoint developers for your company is that you’ll unlock the power of the collaborative platform to boost your operations. By having SharePoint engineers as a part of your team, you’ll have unlimited access to their skills which can completely transform your workflow.

In fact, SharePoint development can result in several advantages for your company, including:

  • Increased productivity. SharePoint streamlines collaboration between team members by facilitating communication through different channels and allowing team members to combine documents, mix schedules, make their own content, and even enjoy personalized intranets. 
  • Reduced operational costs. SharePoint developers can help you digitize your document lifecycle and even automate critical parts of it. This will result in more efficiency all around, which can significantly reduce your operating costs.
  • Better knowledge management. The SharePoint experts in your team can help you centralize your organizational knowledge in one easy-to-access hub, making it simple for everyone to benefit from it. 
  • Improved security. SharePoint comes packed with robust security features, which will help you protect the data you use while collaborating with your team. You’ll be able to manage permissions, monitor activity, and establish different layers of security on a granular and general level. 

Of course, the best way to access those benefits is to hire the best SharePoint developers you can find. That’s why you should consider partnering with BairesDev. We work with the Top 1% of SharePoint developers in the market, have a proven track record with clients from multiple industries, have diverse engagement methods to better suit your needs, and have established SharePoint development methods to bring any project to successful completion. 

What are the different types of forms available in SharePoint workflows?

There are 3 types of forms that you can create in SharePoint workflows. They are association forms, modification forms, and task forms. 

The association forms are used for adding parameters for a new workflow. This is done before a workflow is started. Modification forms are options that you can use to change the workflow while it’s running. For custom changes to workflows, task forms are used.

What is a SharePoint team site, and how is it different from a communication site?

SharePoint team site allows users to collaborate and store files. It can also create and manage information lists. Usually, all members of a team site have equal privileges. 

SharePoint communication sites work with an editor and an audience profile Only editors can see the internal working of the documents and the metadata associated with them. The audience only sees the final product.

How do you use MasterUrl and CustomMasterUrl?

MasterUrl is used to change the admin layout for the master page, while CustomMasterUrl is used to change the admin layout of the custom master page. They are both available under the looks and feel option under the site setting tab.

What is MOSS?

MOSS is an abbreviation for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. It's a portal-based platform for creating, sharing, and managing web services and documents. It also allows users to make SharePoint portals, applications, workspace and is typically used by organizations as a Content Management System (CMS).

What is impersonation in SharePoint?

Impersonation is a SharePoint feature that allows you to execute a code snippet/perform a task with another user's identity.

We are looking for highly qualified SharePoint engineers that can create custom SharePoint solutions and websites. Interested engineers should be able to carry out a wide variety of duties such as building, analyzing, and maintaining applications/systems. 

The selected engineer should be able to configure the company's SharePoint and handle third-party installations. They should also have good communication skills and should be able to collaborate with different stakeholders.

SharePoint Developer Responsibilities

  • Configure organizations' SharePoint system 
  • Work on the company's intranet and deploy new packages
  • Configure services and settings 
  • Develop web components using jQuery, JavaScript, and Ajax 
  • Work on website designs to create extensions, page layouts, and templates 
  • Work on-site features such as site columns, navigation, and admin permissions
  • Test and debug code using source debuggers 
  • Work on a task list and specify team goals 
  • Coordinate with stakeholders to deliver high-quality products

SharePoint Developer skills and Qualifications

  • Knowledge of Sharepoint Online and O365, along with prior experience with MOSS 
  • Experience writing C# code and modules
  • Knowledge of programming languages such as JavaScript and XML
  • Deep understanding of SDLC and server handling 
  • Experience with databases and SQL queries
  • Excellent knowledge of code versioning tools
  • Experience with UI/UX is preferred

SharePoint Solutions Designed to Fit your Needs

Implement a whole new SharePoint platform from scratch or upgrade an existing application. All of our solutions cover your project from start to finish and are meant to be flexible and fully customizable to your needs. From business logic and architecture to product launch and support, we are here for you.

We offer thorough Consulting Services for businesses just stepping into the world of SharePoint applications and for enterprises looking to take their SharePoint platforms ever further. Our longtime expertise in the IT industry allows us to handle your project from a holistic perspective and help you plan a comprehensive roadmap that prioritizes performance, usability, security, and return on investment.

Based on your IT goals, our Top 1% IT Talent SharePoint Developers will design unique elements, features, and products ready to generate value for your company. These applications can boost the performance of running systems or become the building blocks of a brand new platform. We design scalable components such as add-ins, web parts, and workflows.

We develop custom web and intranet portals packed with all the features required to facilitate collaboration in your particular business context. The architecture of this product is based on your current culture and operations. Coupled with the top cybersecurity protocols and UI/UX development, we offer powerful toolkits that directly impact your workflow.

Benefit from a cloud-based document management system that streamlines all company files into a robust, secure, and manageable system. We will create automation protocols that smartly process all metadata from your content, knowledge, and documents into a centralized control panel. This shared virtual workspace will prevent data loss and unauthorized usage while simplifying searching, editing, and securing data.

There is no efficiency without properly integrated systems. SharePoint integration is an essential part of any development project. We will create custom dataflows and functionalities to make sure all of your software works together and avoid any potential issues. Interoperability with other company software is as critical as a powerful platform.

Custom solutions also require custom interface designs to make them visually unique. We will assign UI/UX designers to your project so that we accurately deliver the experience of your brand within your custom SharePoint application. Following your corporate identity and the latest design trends, we will create an engaging interface that promotes usability and functionality.

For data to be available at the right time and the right place, it needs to be available on the mobile devices of all employees. We will select the right technology stack for your project and develop a powerful mobile app that instantly and securely connects your SharePoint platform to verified users. With a mobile app, remote work will no longer affect work cycles and your team will be able to continue working regardless of their location or access to company devices.

Need Some Advice from a Specialized SharePoint Consultant?

If you are feeling a bit lost or just need someone to guide you through the process of selecting the right SharePoint solution for your business, send us a message! One of our specialized SharePoint Consultants will be ready to assist you.

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