5 Reasons Why Quality Assurance Outsourcing Just Makes Sense

Have you ever taken a moment to think about just what goes into the software or applications you use on a daily basis? Software development companies are only able to put out high-quality, stable, and safe products for their users because of one very important step in the Software Development Life Cycle: quality assurance. 

While most people know that quality assurance is a part of any good development process, you may not fully understand just how complicated and important this process is in the world of software and application development.


What Exactly is Quality Assurance?

In its most basic form, software quality assurance is the process of observing and testing software to see if it meets the necessary industry and client standards. With the objective of improving the development and maintenance processes used during development, quality assurance helps guarantee the alignment of the product with business goals, required specifications, and compliance with regulatory requirements. There are designated software quality assurance professionals as well as quality assurance outsourcing companies dedicated to this very process.

Some people tend to use the terms software testing and software quality assurance interchangeably, but they are different in terms of their scope as well as their responsibilities. Software testing is typically performed as a specific step during the development life cycle. Software quality assurance occurs from the beginning of the planning stages until the project is post-production in maintenance mode. 

Quality assurance continuously occurs during the process of development to identify weaknesses and errors in an application or software product. Relevant mitigation procedures are implemented during this process as well after the detection of a bug or error. 

Quality assurance professionals give developers a fresh set of eyes on their projects and a new perspective that helps bring previously undetected errors and bugs to the attention of the development team. This ensures that issues, potential failures, and errors are identified and taken care of in a proactive manner. Without quality assurance, your company could lose enormous amounts of money and time – in addition to your reputation with your customers.

The Many Benefits of Quality Assurance and Outsourcing

Your customers want the best possible services and products delivered to them as quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as you can. While it is fairly impossible to provide a success rate of 100-percent or a totally bug and error-free product, the only way to get even close to perfection is through the quality assurance process.

This process is incredibly important and benefits both your company and your clients in many ways, including:

Saving time & money

In scenarios where testing and quality assurance processes are only completed at the end of the project, a bug or error could mean making enormous, costly fixes that both extend the timeline of the project as well as going over budget. With a correct quality assurance process in place from the very beginning, it is much easier to detect and correct bugs and defects during the early stages of development. This costs much less and takes less time to fix.



As opposed to legacy software development methods, software quality assurance looks to be as preventative as possible when it comes to identifying issues related to security, performance, and functionality. Proactiveness during the QA process helps organizations eliminate the threat of failure and enables the production of intuitive, high-performing, and stable software products. Software delivery risk management also helps mitigate risks in this process.


Seamless experiences

If the candidate passes the exams, our HR team conducts a set of interviews with the applicant to evaluate not only their experience but also whether their communication skills, commitment, personality will be a good fit for BairesDev and our clients.



Security is the most important aspect of software development for both the users and the company creating it. If your software products aren’t protected against the latest hacking methods, cyberthreats, and such, you are leaving both your company and customers vulnerable to cyber-criminals. Quality assurance helps ensure that your products are trustworthy, protected, and secure against the dangers lurking on the internet. With the average cost of a data breach coming in at approximately $3.92 million, making QA a part of each and every project will save your company money and reputation in the long run.


Comprehensive quality

Software QA outsourcing adds many additional benefits to the overall quality assurance process. Outsourcing is typically less costly than hiring an in-house employee. Paying an outsourcing company means paying only an hourly rate while hiring someone in-house requires a salary, insurance, payroll taxes, and many other costly additions. Software QA outsourcing companies also provide your company with access to expertise that you would not have on your team otherwise. Should the need for niche skill sets or experience in a certain technology arise, a professional outsourcing company can take care of these needs for your business. Outsourcing also means less general financial overhead for your organization.


Quality assurance is a must for every development project. It lowers costs and preserves your company’s reputation while building trust with users. Software QA ensures that the best possible and most secure product is being delivered into your users’ hands. The outsourcing of this responsibility is even more beneficial for companies. 

At BairesDev, we deliver integrated quality assurance services to customers around the world. From large corporations to entrepreneurial startups, we provide end-to-end quality assurance to help strengthen your brand image and deliver the best possible products for your company. To learn more about our quality assurance outsourcing services, contact us today.

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