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What is IoT in Software Development?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most promising technologies among the latest innovations. It has been picking up speed for some time and enticing many businesses with its potential.

The idea to have so many, if not all, of our devices, connected and working in the background to make our lives easier looks like something straight out of science fiction. Yet, with the right software development practices, we can make that a reality. 

The IoT solutions provided by our software developers and engineers can integrate your appliances into one cohesive network of components, powered by embedded software, working seamlessly to provide automation, integration, and interaction.

The IoT Software Development Company You’ve Been Looking For

Just a couple of years ago, the Internet of Things (IoT) was just a lovely dream. The idea of having all the technology and hardware around us connected with one another to create a vast network of devices to increase our comfort seemed like a great yet unreachable concept. Today, the IoT revolution is getting larger with every passing minute and it’s already impacting our daily lives – and those of our businesses.

Since IoT is gaining momentum, the time for your company to jump on board this trend is right now. A lot of enterprises and organizations are already leveraging the power of custom IoT solutions to redefine the way their products interact with people, machines, and systems. So, if you don’t want to get behind, it’s high time you consider working with a custom IoT development services company – a company like BairesDev.

Working with BairesDev in your IoT project is the perfect way to get started with this technology-enabled network. We offer expert IoT software development for businesses of all sizes and across industries. We can develop your company’s custom IoT application according to your requirements and objectives all while being in compliance with data connectivity, security and privacy standards.

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Elite IoT Application Development Services

The Internet of Things is a vast field that covers a lot of technologies, machines, systems, tasks, and interactions. Such a wide array of components turns IoT software development into a challenging endeavor – one that BairesDev is fully equipped to tackle. Our comprehensive custom IoT app solutions can aid you with the creation and integration of any IoT-related instance your company needs for its workflow.

From developing a whole IoT product with their corresponding mobile app to working on a web development project that integrates with your IoT ecosystem, our IoT developers are ready to work on any idea you might have. This is reflected by our ample app development portfolio that can help you with all kinds of IoT solutions, including:

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    IoT Consulting
    Maybe you don’t need full IoT development services. Perhaps you are in the design stages of your strategy. Or maybe you are stuck in a rut that your IT team can’t get you out of. No matter the problem, if you need help with anything related to the Internet of Things, we can aid you with our consulting experts. Our consultants can step into any moment of your process and help you with expert advice, suggestions, and recommendations. The best of all – you’ll get the aid of experienced professionals that can tackle any trouble you might find.
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    Embedded Software & Firmware for IoT Devices
    Our IoT experts can build embedded systems and firmware to integrate with your smart devices and power up your infrastructure. Through this software, you’ll be able to gather sensor data, store it in the cloud, and use AI analytics to get valuable insights, both on edge and remote computing deployments. From microcontroller programming and control apps for all sorts of machines to embedded OSs and firmware, we got your back.
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    IoT Testing
    There’s more than IoT app development in BairesDev. Has your company developed its entire IoT ecosystem but still aren’t sure if it’s ready for deployment? Let our testing experts conduct the necessary tests to ensure that the whole system as well as its devices, machines, and sensors are in top shape. Our testing practices include security, performance, and compatibility analysis to make sure that all of the IoT components work as you expect and don’t show vulnerabilities that would expose you and your data.
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    IoT Dashboards
    The Internet of Things can generate massive amounts of data but that won’t do anything for your business unless you have a way of analyzing and monitoring it. That’s precisely what we can offer you with our custom dashboards – centralized control over all the IoT information. We can create an IoT mobile app, cloud-based tool, or desktop software so you can manage your systems while on the go or use our web development team to create an interactive dashboard with business intelligence tools, real-time data visualization, and preventive and predictive maintenance systems, among other features.
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    IoT Mobile App Development
    Manage your entire IoT ecosystem through a native Android or iOS mobile app and handle all the data generated by smart devices on the go. Our mobile apps are perfect for remotely controlling supply chains and navigating large facilities easily. Our iOS and Android mobile developers can also code mobile apps for wearables, mobile payment gateways, and image recognition apps for authorization and smart inventory management. Take your IoT strategy to the next level with our mobile app development company!
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    Internet of Things Architecture
    One of the biggest challenges you’ll find when designing IoT solutions is complexity. Having many heterogeneous systems to communicate with each other and with other cloud-based services and applications can be an extremely complex task. Thankfully, BairesDev IoT experts have the expertise to reduce risk and ease connectivity difficulties. Thus, our engineers will adopt a layered architecture, automate operations, design secure interoperability instances, and use proven reference architectures, such as smartphone-centric, hub-centric, or cloud-centric.
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    Edge Computing Technologies
    One of the most recent advantages of the Internet of Things is the ability to process the data of IoT sensors and devices in the same spot where it’s gathered. Thanks to that edge computing approach, the latency is reduced and the real-time operational performance is increased. BairesDev engineers are already on top of this technology and can work on its integration with your IoT technology for a superior experience.
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    Smart Support & Maintenance
    The work isn’t nearly done once you’ve deployed your custom Internet of Things platform – it just begins! For one, you’ll have to handle all the data coming from all the gathering points and evaluate it to make adjustments and decisions to improve your business. But then, you’ll also have to keep your eyes open to search for potential issues, malfunctions, new vulnerabilities, and subpar performance. All of that can be easier thanks to our IoT support and maintenance team that will help you guard your system and keep it running smoothly.

Why You Should Consider IoT Solutions

There are several reasons why startups, enterprises, organizations, and institutions of all sorts are searching for IoT companies – the Internet of Things promises to change everything around us. Being prepared for the upcoming changes brought by this all-encompassing technology is a must for anyone wanting to stay relevant. That should be a major reason to spark your interest in developing for the Internet of Things. Yet, there are other equally important reasons to include the IoT in your business strategy.

First and foremost, developing IoT-powered devices and hardware can open a door to a tighter relationship with your customers. This can come in a number of ways. For instance, you can use the sensors in your products to collect data about usage and client behavior. You can then use that information to refine your offering, identify growth opportunities, and optimize your resources.

Other benefits of using the Internet of Things include:

  • Increased possibility of customized products
  • Remote updates 
  • Automated and streamlined process
  • Enhanced supply chain management
  • Deeper insights from all the touchpoints in the product’s chain

Which Software Is Used for IoT Programming?

Programming for the Internet of Things can be carried out through a variety of known programming languages, many of which are also used for several other development projects. Despite being a polyglot endeavor, there are languages more and less suited for IoT software development, depending on the project’s and device’s purposes.

The most popular programming languages for the IoT are C, Python, C++, Java, and JavaScript. C is the number one language for constrained devices. Python, on the other hand, tops the charts for Iot/edge gateways, edge servers, and cloud services.

IoT App Services for Virtually Any Area

Our wide IoT software development services are just a part of the reason why you should consider BairesDev for your next project. Another important part is our proven expertise across different industries. Having worked with companies, enterprises, and organizations from the USA, Europe, and other countries from around the world has provided us with the necessary experience to design all kinds of IoT solutions. Our seasoned experts have unique know-how into a whole range of processes and can provide the best solutions for the IoT Development Process for a Growing Business.

That allows us to develop customized IoT technology for two big areas of services:

Enterprise and Industrial IoT

Large companies have numerous procedures that can be improved with the Internet of Things. Sometimes, a single sensor placed in the right place can change a process in such a way that it boosts its efficiency. That’s why we develop custom devices and their firmware for supply chains, warehouses, and facilities, RFID tags for enhanced inventory management, smart beacons for rich location-based experiences, and sensors to feed data-driven strategies for growth.

Consumer IoT

The Internet of Things can also enrich the lives of everyone around you. With the help of BairesDev, you can create an IoT product catalog that can address several needs that can forever change the lives of your customers. Thus, we can build high-end wearable apps to interact with your devices, healthcare solutions to improve patient treatment and diagnosis, car systems for assisted driving, and smart home platforms empowered with sensory recognition.

Our Industry-specific IoT Application Development Services

We know what works and what doesn’t for virtually any company in need of this kind of development. However, we have strong experience with certain areas, to the point we have deep knowledge down to industry-specific considerations, including procedures, regulations, and standards. Some of the industries we’ve worked for in the past include:


Our experience includes clinics, hospitals, and health providers of all kinds for which we have developed IoT apps that help them with numerous tasks, including reporting and monitoring, data assortment and analysis, and patient tracking, among other things. 


Smart Home

Companies that are making homes smarter trusted BairesDev services to come up with tools and platforms to power their products. We have built everything from home access controls and custom home appliances apps to home monitors and automation tools – all with seamless integration with existing technologies.  



The retail sector is changing forever thanks to the Internet of Things. Thanks to the development of sensors and beacons, we helped brands of all kinds to come up with more personalized in-store experiences through the use of location-based data. We also improved their internal processes, inventory tracking and traceability, and flow management. 



Manufacturers of all sizes have realized that the IoT can help throughout their production flow. With BairesDev aid, some of them now enjoy the possibility of monitoring cycles, managing warehouses and inventories, analyzing machine performance, and predicting system failures, among other crucial tasks. 


Banking and Finance

The financial sector might not be the first thing that comes to mind when talking about the IoT but, as our experience can prove, that’s not the case. BairesDev has helped financial institutions develop IoT apps to analyze the customers’ use of financial services such as ATMs and home banking apps. Thus, these organizations have gathered essential information to provide value-added services and assistance in a more personalized way.


BairesDev – The Smart Choice for IoT

Maybe you’re thinking that it’s too early to get in the Internet of Things wagon. It’s not. Now it’s the time to invest in a technology that will reshape the future of business and society as a whole in the coming years. You can be part of that revolution right now – and BairesDev is the perfect partner to help you with that.

We can offer you IoT services that cover practically every development you can imagine, from a handful of sensors to monitor a warehouse, a web or mobile app to control a home device, or a proprietary firmware up to a complete IoT architecture for a large enterprise. The best thing about it is that we have the experience and the know-how to provide you with a sophisticated and secure solution that will improve your internal procedures and your customer experience. 

Besides, we have different custom software development models to fit your unique needs and requirements. Thus, you only need to tell us your idea and requirements and sit back to see how our team works in designing and developing that idea into a reality. We know our way around cutting-edge technologies and are able to use them to provide you with a competitive advantage. That’s why we are a top IoT software development company!

So, if you really want to step forward and start creating a successful future for your business, then good news – you can start today. Just reach out to the BairesDev IoT app development team and tell us what you have in mind. 


The Internet of Things by itself describes the system that connects several computing devices, allowing them to communicate among themselves using internet connectivity. In other words, more than hardware or software, IoT is the technology that interconnects all of these appliances and empowers them to work as a comprehensive, effective, and autonomous system.

The 5 layers of IoT is an architecture model for the Internet of Things that presents a specific framework for the technology ecosystem. It’s based on the 3 layer architecture model, expanding on some of its points and offering a broader approach and security.

Considered by some to be the most effective and interesting architecture model for Iot, it’s comprised of the following layers:

  • Perception
  • Network
  • Processing
  • Application
  • Business

Each of these layers has its own implementation requirements, technical challenges, and points you need to be aware of when implementing IoT as part of a business strategy.

There are several software development solutions to choose from when dabbling with IoT software development. These applications can offer a developer several different features, such as tailored APIs, command-line interfaces, and integrated development environments. These are some of the most popular development tools:

  • Eclipse IoT
  • Arduino
  • Node-Red
  • IBM Watson
  • Device Hive
  • Particle

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