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The current business world is more tech-driven than ever. As a result, we are seeing businesses and enterprises of every size outsource their software projects to a Java Development Company that is able to implement powerful technology solutions that accelerate their digital transformations.

At BairesDev, we work with the Top 1% of IT talent to create high-quality software for our clients. Our goal is simple: to innovate and create the most impactful software in the most efficient way possible. No matter the size or complexity of the project, we have a Dedicated Team ready to help you achieve your goals. 

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Java Development Services

Custom solutions that support your current IT goals and operational processes. 

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    Custom Java Application Development
    No company is the same, which means no software solution is the same. We create custom Java applications that match your business needs and goals. From simple desktop or mobile apps to full-fledged management systems, our Top 1% IT Talent Java Developers strive to create high-quality solutions that put you over the competition.
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    Cloud-based Platforms
    Using a microservices architecture, our Java Developers create containerized apps that run on the public or private cloud of your choice. We provide all the consulting and staffing solutions necessary to accelerate your digital transformation and get your cloud project running from Day 1.
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    Migrations and Integrations
    Leave your legacy systems behind and jump-start your operational capabilities with our migration and integration services. As a Top Java Development Company, our work is driven by the top architects and developers in the field. They will take care of all upgrading aspects to make sure your data, business logic, UI, functionalities, and source code all work perfectly in a newly improved system.
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    Mobile & Web Applicatons
    Java web development services and mobile solutions have become quite popular in recent years. The reliability, flexibility, and security of powerful Java frameworks like Spring make the language the perfect choice for creating interactive and engaging mobile and web applications.
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    Enterprise Applications
    Implementing the right Java enterprise application within your business will transform the way you tackle core operations and attract new opportunities. Java development companies provide technologies like BRM, BPM, and real-time distributed processing, all of which are giving businesses a competitive edge in the currently tech-driven market.
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    Java Consulting
    Our expert Java consultants work with your decision-making team to advise you on the right Java technology for your company. We will help you find the ideal Java solution and architecture with the precise capabilities to achieve your goals in the most efficient way possible, from conceptualization to development, implementation and maintenance.

The Benefits of Working with a Java Development Company

Java solutions optimize your company’s time-to-market, thanks to their distributed computing and platform independence.


Java’s large and comprehensive ecosystem gives you access to high-quality APIs, massive libraries, and powerful frameworks that speed up development and launch time.


Distributed computing

As a distributed language, Java programs support the involvement of multiple computers under a single network. This a great solution for Big Data and Analytics projects.


Platform Independence

Java’s interconnectivity is made possible due to the fact that it´s platform independent. This opens up many possibilities for developing powerful software in a large-scale approach.


Cost Efficiency

Immediately access the world’s top talent in Java development services and avoid the risks and costs of creating an in-house Java development team from scratch.


Getting Started with Java Application Development

If you are contemplating the decision of working with a Java Development Company, it is essential to find the right match for you. As a starting point, consider your project’s schedule, identify your available internal skills and resources, define your budget, and establish clear goals and outcomes.

At BairesDev we can develop your product from start to finish, or handle individual segments of the process for you. We offer world-class software product development services from requirements and systems analysis, architecture and design to development, testing, migration, and deployment. Contact us today.

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