The Best Types of Projects to Use React

What is React and Why Use It?

It isn’t uncommon for development teams to struggle a bit when choosing a programming language, tech stack, and libraries for a new project. After all, there are numerous options on the tech market nowadays with new ones coming out regularly. However, there are a few tried-and-true languages and libraries that every dev keeps in their wheelhouse of tools – and React.js, or just simply React, is one of them.

React is a JavaScript library created by Jordan Walke in 2011, a software engineer at Facebook. It currently boasts over a thousand contributors as an open-source, component-based, frontend library. Used to build fast and interactive user interfaces for both mobile and web-based applications, the application’s view layer is the only one that React is responsible for. The view layer manages the look and feel of the application based on the Model View Controller architecture (MVC).

As the JavaScript library that helps developers build user interfaces, React manages app aspects such as buttons, on-screen menus, search bars, and anything a user interacts with while using the application. Before React, developers built user interfaces with raw JavaScript, which was time-consuming and filled with errors and bugs.

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The Benefits of React

React is a favorite in the development world for a variety of reasons. There are many open-source platforms available to make frontend development work easier. However, React offers many competitive advantages that maintain its rank as one of the most-used dev tools of the modern technology world.

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    React is simple
    Compared to other libraries, React is easier to grasp right away for novice devs. With a component-based approach, well-defined lifecycle, and use of plain JavaScript, React makes it easy to learn and build applications, as well as support the process. While devs have the ability to write in plain JavaScript with React, it also supports a special syntax called JSX, which is a mix of HTML and JavaScript.
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    It offers a native approach
    This means that React can help build mobile applications as React Native. It also offers extensive code reusability to help make cross-platform application development as easy as possible. This means devs have the ability to create web, iOS, and Android apps at the same time.
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    React features reusable components
    React uses a component-based structure, which means development is more like using building blocks than overwhelming giant tasks. With this, devs can begin with tiny components such as buttons or dropdowns, then build out the object’s wrapper container composed of the smaller elements, then the higher-level containers, and so on until hitting the root component of the app. This functionality means developers have the ability to reuse components wherever needed while maintaining the look and feel, and speeding up dev time.
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    It follows a unidirectional data flow
    When designing a React-based app, developers commonly “nest” child components within the parent components. As the data then flows in a singular direction, it makes it easier for a developer to debug errors and figure out where the source of a problem is within the code.

The Best ReactProjects Types

The possibilities are fairly limitless when it comes to the types of projects buildable with React. The following project types are just a few ideas of some best use cases for the library.

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    Social Media Apps
    React was originally created to work for Facebook, which makes it ideal for building new social networking apps. These types of apps typically feature an ever-evolving advanced feature list with a sophisticated user interface. By building out apps with the most common feature sets at first, developers then have the ability to experiment with combinations of said features to allow end-users to build unique accounts they want to use.
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    Messaging Apps
    Apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger are part of everyday life for most people now. Using React to build such types of apps helps devs not only monetize their skills but also build helpful communication tools. React is an ideal choice for messaging apps as its inherent abilities mixed with useful WebSockets help build real-time instant messaging with a sleek user interface.
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    E-Commerce Apps
    E-commerce or retail apps consist of various APIs, elements, complex filters, and other functionality that requires a high amount of independence between components. React.js helps developers implement all of these features thanks to its inherent ability to build separate components that offer easy scalability. React’s component reusability is also a big plus for building such types of applications.
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    Data Dashboards and Visualization Tools
    Dashboards are vital components for the visualization of data into a format that is both easy and understandable to the end-user. React offers dedicated features for building dashboard apps to pair with machine learning and business intelligence projects, such as Isomorphic JavaScript, component reusability, and Virtual DOM.

React is one of the most useful tools at the disposal of developers. Its wide range of use cases paired with its simplicity, component reusability, and singular direction of data flow makes coding and building new projects much simpler than with other technologies. For both experienced and inexperienced devs, React is a great choice for a wide range of successful projects.

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