What’s a Cloud Data Warehouse?

Storing Data: An Introduction

Once upon a time, businesses relied on physical services and repositories to store all their vital data. Not only did this require a huge amount of upkeep and a number of specialized, trained professionals to keep these warehouses running smoothly, but it also had many disadvantages, including a lack of convenience and less-secure environments. It was obvious that companies needed a different approach. 

Enter the cloud data warehouse. This model can transform your business with a state-of-the-art solution for keeping your data safe, secure, and accessible. There are numerous platforms for that in the market, such as:

  • Amazon Redshift
  • Google BigQuery
  • Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse
  • Teradata Vantage
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud
  • IBM Db2 Warehouse
  • Snowflake

You can also turn to a custom-built cloud data warehouse solution, created by software development providers like BairesDev.

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Cloud Data Warehouse: A Definition

Simply put, a data warehouse is a repository for all data and analytics at your organization. The warehouse was created to accommodate huge amounts of data. Traditionally speaking, a data warehouse was an on-site, hardware-based, physical resource located at an office or work setting. 

Unfortunately, hardware-based physical data warehouses have some serious disadvantages, such as limited storage and steep costs. But with cloud data warehouses, many of those downsides are addressed.

As you might imagine from the name, a cloud data warehouse is a cloud-based storage model. While some businesses still use the traditional model, more and more organizations are turning to the cloud-based alternative to meet their needs.

In it, the database is managed on a public cloud. It functions in a similar way to the traditional model, except that it’s not a physical structure — it’s a digital one that’s handled remotely and can be accessed from practically any location. 

One of the main purposes of the cloud-based system is to deliver up-to-date data analytics, allowing businesses to derive meaningful insights from it. For that to happen, the warehouse must be integrated with your current software systems. In other words, the information must be constantly fed into the repository to keep it updated and refreshed. If you successfully do so, you’ll be able to access data you may not have previously even known existed.

Ultimately, a cloud data warehouse offers numerous capabilities and modernizations that the traditional data warehouse simply doesn’t have.

Benefits of Cloud Data Warehouses

So, why are businesses increasingly choosing cloud data warehouses over the older model?
Here are some of the many reasons.
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    It Provides Ample Amount of Storage
    A traditional data warehouse is limited in storage capacity by nature. But with a cloud-based solution, you have practically unlimited space. Do you need even more storage? It’s easy to scale your warehouse up — without even having to buy new repositories or equipment.
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    You’ll Get Time Back for Your Business
    The traditional data warehouse requires extensive upkeep and management from experts. But a cloud-based alternative is far easier to manage, giving you time back to focus on more pressing concerns. Moreover, you’ll be able to derive meaningful insights from your cloud data warehouse that you can use to better run your business.
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    You’ll Ramp Up Your Security
    All of your software and technology demands extensive cybersecurity protection. A cloud data warehouse provides you with this critical security, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your data is well protected in a virtual environment. Besides, as data warehouses are supported by third-party providers, you can rest assured that they’ll do the proper maintenance and updates to keep the systems running with the latest security technologies.
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    You’ll Have Access to Real-Time Analytics
    The cloud data warehouse integrates with your other software and technological systems, which feed data into the repository. That means it’s generating actionable analytics in real-time — giving you and your data team a means of using the information and reports it gives you immediately.
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    Performance Is Optimal
    How do you get those analytics in real-time? It’s because of the performance of this repository. Performance is ultra-high, meaning you’ll get results extremely quickly, especially compared with the more traditional — and considerably slower — model.
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    Pricing Is Flexible
    There are many different models and ways to pay for your cloud-based warehouse, and you can choose the one that best fits your needs. For example, you might pay for the amount of data you’re storing, and the rate will increase if you need more room. Or, you can choose a subscription service. Either way, the options are usually cost-effective, and you won’t have to pay for the hardware involved.
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    Updates Occur Automatically
    There is no need for specialist intervention to institute upgrades and updates to your cloud data warehouse. Instead, updates occur automatically, adding a much-needed layer of convenience to your busy life.
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    You Can Give Access to People in Multiple Locations
    A chief reason why a cloud data warehouse is so beneficial to users is the fact that it is accessible to people in locations around the globe, as they only need an internet connection and access credentials. This is a far cry from the traditional data warehouse, which is only accessible from its central, on-site location.
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    Cloud Data Warehouses Accommodate Many Different Types of Data
    Different types of data specialists, such as data scientists and data analysts, have variable needs for their data. Fortunately, you’ll be able to accommodate these many needs with a cloud data warehouse. That’s because the warehouse provides a range of information in different formats and structures.

The cloud data warehouse is an innovation that is transforming the nature of data analytics and actionable business insights in the modern age. Can your business afford to fall behind?

If you’re ready to usher your organization into the 21st century’s rapidly evolving digital age, turn to BairesDev. We can help you with your cloud computing solutions, no matter what your business size, type, or specialty, enabling you to incorporate the most modern advances.

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