Hire Xamarin Developers in 2022 – A BairesDev Guide

A Microsoft-owned open-source tool for cross-platform development

Xamarin is an open-source development platform for cross-platform applications acquired by Microsoft in 2016. It works on the “write once, run anywhere” formula and allows engineers to share their code natively.   

Xamarin is open-source and free to use for commercial purposes. It can easily integrate with the cloud through Azure and can create apps using C#. The apps are native, and the compilation is also done natively using platform-specific hardware acceleration. 

The native compilation provides you with far better performance when compared to apps that are compiled at runtime. It also allows you to see your app the way the client sees it since the same user interface (UI) render is loaded at the client side.

In this article, you will learn, among other things, how to hire a Xamarin developer.

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    Job Description

Xamarin uses the C# and F# programming languages and is based on the .NET framework. It allows you to quickly develop the end product and speed up the engineering process. You can create amazing UIs through Xamarin without worrying about hardware compatibility issues. In addition, it also makes maintenance easy and quick.  

Xamarin shares many features with .NET, such as lambda expressions, parallel programming, asynchronous programming, and integrated language queries (LINQ). Xamarin uses modern integrated development environments (IDE) such as Visual Studio and XCode.

Xamarin in today’s market

Xamarin was initially founded in 2011 and was later acquired by Microsoft in 2016. Xamarin has been on the fast rise, with over 2600 companies using it worldwide. It has a 26.61% market share, and many big companies such as Walmart, Amazon, and Apple use Xamarin for their development. 

Xamarin saves time and cost of development since code can easily be shared across platforms. XAML pages and Xamarin Forms can define functions for different platforms, freeing up engineers’ time to focus on project functionalities.

Issues when hiring Xamarin engineers

The apps created through Xamarin often have a large overhead. It takes a very experienced engineer to ensure that the final version of the application is small in size and easy to install. Also, since it doesn't directly implement JavaScript, engineers have to use C# webviews to invoke JavaScript functions. It’s an extra step in the development process, and only advanced engineers can write such code without affecting the entire repository. 

A significant challenge for new Xamarin engineers is the lack of support documents and online help. Since the platform is relatively new, it’s hard for engineers to find solutions to specific problems. So, companies need to focus on experienced Xamarin developers, which are relatively scarce.

How to select the perfect Xamarin engineer.

Xamarin engineers need to know programming languages such as Java, Kotlin, and Swift to create applications. In addition, they should be able to create mockups and identify components for software development.

The selected candidate should have proficiency in Xamarin to understand its documentation and fully utilize it. They should also have extensive experience in cross-platform development and should be able to use Xamarin Forms, Xamarin. Android, and Xamarin.iOS for creating reusable UI. 

Furthermore, they should also be able to use libraries to create native features for end-to-end development. A good Xamarin engineer should be able to implement networking styles. Go with an engineer who knows REST.

What is the Model-View-View model in Xamarin?

This is a software design pattern for Xamarin application development. There is a clean separation between the data model, the user interface, and the control logic. 

This separation makes it easier to work on different application components. The final applications are also easy to maintain and are SEO friendly. Furthermore, you can easily test application components without affecting production or development elements.

What is Xamarin Profiler?

Xamarin Profiler is a graphical interface tool that helps engineers analyze app behavior. Through it, engineers can check up on memory leaks and performance issues. They can also monitor key statistics and assess app behavior. 

What are Xamarin Forms?

Xamarin Forms is a framework that you can use to create mobile UIs. They allow engineers to create reusable UI that they can implement in Android, iOS, and Windows applications. They have 2 major components: a public class library (PCL) and a specific code repository for Android, Windows, and iOS.

What is the role of the XAML compiler in Xamarin?

The XAML compiler allows direct compilation of XAML files into an intermediate language. Furthermore, it checks for any errors in XAML files and notifies the end user. 

XAML compiler helps to reduce initialization time by decreasing XAML overheads for Xamarin applications. As a result, the size of the final file is reduced, and the project becomes fast and scalable.

Why is data binding essential in Xamarin?

Data binding is a technique that links the properties of 2 objects so that any change made in one property reflects automatically in the other. It’s an important part of Xamarin’s Model-View-View (MVVM) architecture.

This technique is fundamental in synchronizing app elements and keeping track of data changes. It also ensures that the application's development is quick and easy.


Xamarin is one of the most popular tools for cross-platform development. Many engineers worldwide have adopted it due to its low cost and ease of use. So if you’re looking for a cross-platform development tool for rendering UIs, Xamarin is the way to go.

We are looking for Xamarin engineers to join our mobile development team. The selected engineer should create UI forms for iOS, Android, and Windows and integrate them with backend systems and APIs. They should also be good at documentation and reporting. 

This is an amazing opportunity for result-oriented professionals looking to grow their skills in the domain of mobile application development. 


  • Design and work on cross-platform Xamarin forms for mobile applications 
  • Analyze and code reusable software modules 
  • Test and debug software modules to ensure app performance and quality
  • Identify bugs and work on fixes 
  • Work on app enhancement and maintenance   
  • Work on XAML files in Xamarin IDEs 
  • Collaborate with project stakeholders, designers, and support teams 
  • Follow best industry practices and standards
  • {{Add other responsibilities here that are relevant}}

Skills and Qualifications

  • Knowledge of programming languages such as Swift, Objective-C, C#, and Java 
  • Knowledge of the Xamarin platform is a must 
  • Experience in high-performance application development 
  • Basic understanding of UX/UI design principles. The selected engineer should also know front-end development 
  • Proven experience in cross-platform Xamarin Forms integration 
  • Experience with Code versioning tools (Git)
  • Knowledge of wireframes and prototype development
  • Problem-solving skills and team spirit 
  • {{Add other frameworks or libraries related to your development stack}} 
  • {{List education level or certification required}}

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