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Developed by JetBrains and released in 2011, Kotlin was initially introduced as a replacement for Java. But the language has come a long way since then. In 2017, Google adopted Kotlin as the official Android programming language. Fully interoperable with Java, Kotlin has skyrocketed in popularity and become a notable language in its own right — which is why so many businesses are turning to Kotlin development services today.

What can Kotlin bing to a business’ products and services? Let’s take a closer look.


Our Kotlin App Development Services

We offer a full range of Kotlin development services, such as:

  • Enterprise Application Development Using Kotlin
    Kotlin was specifically created with enterprises in mind. At BairesDev, we can help you build enterprise applications using Kotlin — and build them quickly. We will create these products according to your particular specifications and requirements, ensuring that they meet the needs of your entire enterprise, however and wherever you plan to use them.
  • Custom Kotlin Android App Development
    There is no need to rely on out-of-box solutions. As the official Android language, Kotlin is ideal for creating apps for Android devices. We will work with you to devise custom solutions to meet the needs of you and your consumers, creating unique applications that are designed and built specifically for you.
  • Kotlin App QA/Testing
    At BairesDev, we won’t just build your application — we will also thoroughly test it to ensure that it is of as high quality as possible. Our QA testing process goes far beyond simply catching bugs. We will also assess your software for important qualities and features like functionality, performance, user experience, load, various capacities and capabilities, and much more. This will help us make certain that we are delivering the best product possible to meet your needs.
  • Android Apps Migration Services
    Kotlin is a highly versatile language and facilitates seamless migration from platform to platform. Kotlin developers can migrate code from Kotlin to Java and vice versa — something at which BairesDev professional are quite adept. We will confirm that we successfully migrate your project without interrupting the development and maintenance processes and workflows.
  • Kotlin App Maintenance
    Kotlin demands far less code than that required for Java apps. So, app maintenance is a fairly simple process for our skilled developers, and our process will save you a significant amount of time. We are on hand to help you maintain your Kotlin apps and other projects to keep them up to date and functioning smoothly.

Benefits of Kotlin for Software Development
(With BairesDev)

  • Compatibility with Java
    Kotlin is completely compatible with Java, which makes it simple to call up code from either language, migrate code, and convert the various components with ease. But Kotlin isn’t just compatible with Java — in fact, Kotlin boasts faster development than its counterpart language, along with other qualities. It’s also not just a replacement language for Java with some added features — it is a thriving, robust language in its own right that can often be used in place of the older language.
  • Ease of Use
    Kotlin is easy to learn, understand, use, and work with. This makes development simple for BairesDev developers, who already have vast knowledge and expertise using Kotlin, Java, and other languages. It is also a concise language that significantly reduces the amount of code needed for the project, which streamlines your initiatives.
  • Faster Development
    Less code means much faster development, greater productivity, and efficiency. It also reduces the number of errors and makes resolving problems that do occur much easier and quicker. Together, these qualities mean an overall speedy development process, allowing you to reach market that much more quickly.

What is Kotlin App Development?

Kotlin app development is a quick, user-friendly process that boosts code safety, developer and client satisfaction, and productivity. 

Kotlin’s modern language features allow you to write unique, expressive code. Just one of the many reasons why Kotlin has become so popular is that it is a much more concise, simple language than Java. As a Kotlin app development company, you can do more with less. With Kotlin, things like the constant repetition of substantiating variables is no more. For example, in Java, you might have to write:

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

Whereas, with Kotlin, that becomes:

val sb = StringBuilder()

Not only are you doing more with less, but you are also saving considerable time by not having to create cumbersome, repetitive code. As your projects continue to scale, this will be more and more noticeable.

Another benefit of Kotlin is that it relaxed the requirement that functions be class members. Instead, functions can be declared at the top level in a file, locally inside other functions, as a member function within a class or object, or as an extension function. This new flexibility makes Java look fairly rigid.

What is Kotlin Used For?

Kotlin can be used anywhere that Java can be used. As the official Android language, it is largely used to build Android apps, but it can also be leveraged for server-side programming, web development, cross-platform development, and data science programs. 

Advantages of Kotlin

Kotlin offers a number of key advantages, such as:

  • Easy to learn and understand syntax and language
  • Safety and fewer instances of bugs
  • Multiple use cases
  • Multi-platform development
  • Compatability with Java
  • Reliability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Greater productivity
  • A large, growing, dedicated community

Disadvantages of Kotlin

At the same time, there are some notable disadvantages to using Kotlin:

  • No static modifier
  • Slow compilation speed
  • Fewer Kotlin developers available, given the language’s relative youth
  • Enjoys less support than Java

Why Use BairesDev as Your Kotlin Development Company

  • Efficiency and Productivity
    Armed with tools like Kotlin, along with other languages, frameworks, libraries, and more, BairesDev will increase your business’ productivity and efficiency substantially. Whether you choose a staff augmentation model or dedicated team model, you will increase the number of qualified, experienced tech professionals you can call upon to devlier high-quality solutions.

    This means that you will also have more time to devote to your core business. You will be able to rely on top tech talent to turn around results, while you can focus on what you do best. Meanwhile, our team will decrease your time to market, boosting your performance.
  • Expertise
    BairesDev utilizes only the top 1% of talent, meaning you will have the best Kotlin developers and other tech professionals working on your project or projects. Our team members have extensive knowledge and expertise, which they will leverage to deliver quality results.

    Of course, our developers bring a deep knowledge and understanding of how to use Kotlin, but they are also skilled with other languages and technologies and will use them as needed to improve and augment your project, based on their unique qualifications.
  • Dedicated Teams
    BairesDev brings offers several models to choose from, but no matter which one you select, you will rest assured that all of the professionals working on your projects will be dedicated to these efforts and your entire business.

    Remember that we evaluate and hire our developers and other tech professionals not only based on their tech skills but also on their soft skills, including work ethic, professionalism, teamwork, collaboration, and communication. That means they have the ability to work seamlessly with you and keep you apprised of all of their efforts.
  • Flexibility
    We will always remain flexible, adjusting our efforts to meet your specific needs and project requirements. We will start with a clear plan and roadmap, but we can pivot when the demand calls for it and change course as your own business needs change.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you outsource Kotlin development to an external company, you are entrusting them with an entire project or components of a project. There are several different models you can turn to, such as staff augmentation, meaning the partner’s developers will work together with your in-house team. There is also the dedicated team model, through which the partner team will complete the project from start to finish. 

The processes vary according to the model, your requirements, the partner companies, and other factors, but generally speaking, outsourcing means partnering with a qualified provider to bring your tech projects — in this case, Kotlin products — to fruition.

It is certainly possible to hire Kotlin developers on a full-time basis for Android development and other needs. Businesses should weigh the pros and cons of outsourcing or hiring freelancers vs. working with full-time Kotlin professionals before determining the best approach to working with these developers and other tech talent.

Kotlin is mainly used to build Android applications, although there are other ways to use the language as well, such as for server-side development and data science products. This is a versatile language with plenty of use cases. Just some examples of the many famous Kotlin apps include Coursera, Duolingo, Netflix, Pinterest, Postmates, Slack, Square, and Trello.

Java can do a great job in Android development and can be a perfect choice, especially in the hands of seasoned developers. When the time comes to make that language switch, Java development companies won’t have that much difficulty, as Kotlin is intertwined with Java in some sense.

Time will tell if Kotlin will become the dominant force it appears to be. In the meantime, it’s already setting new standards and methodologies for Android development, which, for better or worse, will require developers to learn to stay current and up-to-date.

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