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How IT Staffing Companies Can Help Your Business Grow

Getting the right fit at the right time,

James Miller

By James Miller

Business Development Manager James Miller enhances current customer value and attracts new clients via innovative market strategies to improve sales.

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IT Staffing company

Every business has important IT needs, including data privacy and network maintenance. However, companies don’t typically see hiring a full-time in-house IT as a practical move. Recruiting, hiring, and maintaining permanent employees is a time-consuming and expensive process that doesn’t offer much flexibility to expand or contract quickly in response to shifting business requirements.

One solution to this dilemma is turning to IT staffing companies like BairesDev to staff your IT team. A staffing company takes care of searching, hiring, and training. It provides talented people who meet your IT requirements only for as long as you need them as well as other benefits. Here we explore how these benefits can help your business grow and flourish long-term. 

Save Money

In-house IT teams are expensive to hire, train, and maintain. With augmentation from a staffing company, you can avoid expenses related to searching for candidates, recruiting, interviewing, negotiating, onboarding, and training. You get the same level of expertise, equipment, and resources as larger companies, but without the same expense. 

Hiring full-time staff requires paying salaries and benefits even when the IT workload is low. When you use a staffing agency to round out your IT team, you can maintain a lean in-house staff yet avoid employee overtime when IT work ramps up. You save on labor costs for things like benefits and payroll taxes. 

If you use an IT staffing company, you only pay for the support you need, when you need it. And, when you want team members with different skills, you can easily find them rather than laying off and hiring different people to get the expertise you seek. 

With the money you save, you can reallocate resources to purchase needed equipment or to boost key functions like R&D and marketing to promote the growth and development of your business. 

Gain Expertise

IT staffing companies offer access to a large, highly skilled talent pool no matter where your business is located or what your needs are. These agencies are familiar with the latest skills, certifications, and technologies, so they can find the absolute best fit for your projects. You receive the right experts with the specific technical skills you require, including niche specialists or those with hard-to-find skills. 

When you use this approach, you expand your search ability beyond local or even domestic markets. If you develop a long-term relationship with a staffing company, they learn more about your company’s work and culture, which helps them refine your IT staff selections.

On-site augmented staff can also help your in-house employees gain new skill sets as they work together, which can promote innovation and future growth.

Improve Efficiency

IT staffing companies provide IT specialists who know their work inside and out, so they can complete your IT projects with fewer errors, enabling you to avoid the extra time or costs required to fix problems later. You have the best possible people to fit your needs, so they complete tasks and projects much faster. These outside specialists, with extensive industry expertise and knowledge, can also help you run your business more efficiently by:

  • Redesigning workflows
  • Automating tasks
  • Upgrading equipment, networks, and software
  • Engaging in IT best practices

Staffing agencies provide experts who have encountered a wide variety of challenges so, when a new problem comes up, they likely already know how to fix it quickly and efficiently. And, since augmented IT staff don’t need in-house training, they can take on some tasks currently being performed by overworked employees. 

Stay Flexible

Staff augmentation gives you the flexibility to grow or shrink your IT department as changing needs dictate. For example, your business might only need help at certain times of the year or for short-term projects. Or you may require a larger long-term IT team as business operations grow. A staffing company can help in all of these scenarios.

IT staff augmentation allows you to adapt to changing circumstances, without the full expenses involved in expanding in-house capabilities. You can also add and then remove specific specialists if you decide to pursue one-time projects or test out new areas. This ability to scale up or down easily enables innovation, expansion into new markets, and long-term growth.

When staffing companies take care of IT responsibilities, you can focus on core competencies and other functions that will grow your revenue and strengthen your reputation. When in-house staff is no longer bogged down with IT tasks outside their areas of expertise, they’re freed up to focus on their specialties and more efficiently allocate their time.

The following video describes the role of flexible workers, such as those from IT staffing companies:

Deflect Risk

Businesses face a wide range of risks, including cyberattacks, falling out of regulatory compliance, and making poor hires. IT staffing companies can help address, and even minimize, some of these risks.


IT professionals from staffing companies are knowledgeable about the latest online security solutions to protect your business. These solutions guard against cyberattacks that threaten sensitive data and proprietary information. Older networks, hardware, and software can be more vulnerable to attack, so your augmented IT team can perform ongoing monitoring to ensure they stay up to date. 


When you fall out of compliance with industry regulations, you can incur costs or other penalties. Augmented IT staff can implement strategies to maintain compliance with all relevant standards and rules so your in-house staff can focus on their assigned responsibilities.

Quality of hires

IT staffing companies are accountable for the success of the staff they provide. If a professional they provide isn’t a great fit, you can simply request a replacement or, if your requirements change, you can ask for staff with different skills.

Get the Right Support from an IT Staffing Company

Even if you’re not able to maintain a large in-house IT team, your business has important IT needs to fill. Using the right expert help from IT staffing companies to scale up or down as needed can provide a cost-effective and efficient solution that also promotes your long-term growth. 

James Miller

By James Miller

As a Business Development Manager at BairesDev, James Miller helps increase the value of current customers while also attracting new clients. He aims to find and develop innovative strategies that help improve sales and boost the company's customer base.

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