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AI is an emerging technology that’s changing the landscape of the business world. The good news is that building one is not as hard as some people may think.

Joe Lawrence

By Joe Lawrence

10 min read

The COVID-19 pandemic brought more than just a disease and remote work, it was also the catalyst for an unprecedented growth in cybersecurity breaches. It was unavoidable, with more businesses going to the cloud and not enough education on security and networks. The moment was ripe with opportunities to exploit weaknesses and steal information or [...]

Simulations are powerful tools that help us predict outcomes, but can they be used when your system is too complex?

A well-executed cloud migration process starts with a thoughtful strategy and detailed plan. Here is a four-step approach to completing your cloud migration successfully.

Edward Batten

By Edward Batten

10 min read

Companies that want to work with this exciting and flexible technology must take advantage of the benefits and minimize the disadvantages.

Edge computing can be an important part of your cloud (and innovation) strategy that enables previously impossible use cases.

Diego Espada

By Diego Espada

10 min read

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With the proliferation of providers, it’s hard to compare cloud web services. This guide compares the three leading players.

Jeremy Dennis

By Jeremy Dennis

10 min read


If your company plans on creating apps for Windows, you need to consider the Universal Windows Platform.

System architecture diagrams are incredibly useful tools that allow anyone viewing them to understand complex systems in a simplified format.

Steven Bigio

By Steven Bigio

10 min read

Observability isn't just a buzzword; it's a means for your development teams to better understand and improve distributed systems.

Machine learning is a powerful technology for finding patterns. That power can be harnessed to spot suspicious activity and prevent fraud.

Nate Dow

By Nate Dow

10 min read

If you're looking for a NoSQL database, there are two very powerful options to choose from, but which is right for your needs?

Emma White

By Emma White

10 min read

If storing and processing data is important to your business, you might want to consider Hadoop. Find out what it is and why it can help your company.

James Miller

By James Miller

10 min read

Chatbots are highly effective tools for promoting user engagement and automating tedious, time-consuming processes. Customize your own to ramp up business.

David Russo

By David Russo

10 min read

AOSP is the open-source version of Android. What exactly does that mean for your development team, and what’s the difference between it and stock Android?

Robert Butler

By Robert Butler

10 min read