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Software development companies in USA

Best Software Development Solutions for USA Companies Today, virtually any USA company depends on different kinds of technologies. Be it in the form of mobile apps, content management systems, an ecommerce platform, web design, or fully fledged custom software solutions, US firms, organizations and businesses need to bet on the latest technology, the best resources [...]

BairesDev Editorial Team

By BairesDev Editorial Team

BairesDev is the leading nearshore technology solutions company with 4,000+ professionals in 50+ countries representing the top 1% of tech talent.

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Best Software Development Solutions for USA Companies

Today, virtually any USA company depends on different kinds of technologies. Be it in the form of mobile apps, content management systems, an ecommerce platform, web design, or fully fledged custom software solutions, US firms, organizations and businesses need to bet on the latest technology, the best resources and real expertise to drive value.

That’s what they get with BairesDev as a partner – one of the top software engineering companies in the market. Our expert software engineering and technology consulting teams can build digital solutions for practically any business or startup across various industries. 

Our expertise comes from having worked with some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies, organizations and businesses in Silicon Valley, across the USA and in several other countries around the globe. We have completed over projects and operations of all sizes with technologies ranging from mobile application development to complex AI algorithms. 

What drives us in all of our projects is our desire to provide the maximum value for our clients and their customers in all the industries and countries they operate. That’s possible thanks to our development teams and experts, which have the Top 1% talent around. With them, we are able to bring the best for your needs without ramping up your costs.


Tailor-Made Solutions for Every Business 

When we say that we can develop anything for all businesses, organizations and clients, we mean it. We have plenty of experience working with some of the latest technologies and tools. That shows in our expertise and wide range of services, which include:

  • Custom Software Development

With our custom software engineering services, you can get a desktop, web or mobile application created just for your needs, clients and users. We can tackle processes from start to finish or handle specific operations to complement your own development. And we can do that using cutting-edge technologies, from data science algorithms to artificial intelligence.ment.

  • Software Testing & QA

Partner with our Software Testing and QA teams, with over 60 experienced QA Engineers ready to boost your digital solutions’ quality in all stages. To do that, we start from understanding your requirements, goals, and overall business needs to analyze your app. From there, we go through a comprehensive process that doesn’t just boost your software or mobile application quality but also provides you with valuable insights and consulting for further development.

  • Cloud Computing Consultancy

Leveraging the cloud resources is a must for businesses of all sizes and industries, from startups and organizations to Fortune 500 companies. Embrace it with BairesDev’s cloud computing services, whose experts lets you integrate web-based solutions with your current technology, ensuring security, reducing IT complexity, and lowering costs along the way. 

  • Web & Mobile App Development

Improve your organization’s experience for your employees and customers alike with a custom-made web or mobile application. Improve your business goals and practices and boost your engagement with your clients through a native app for Android, iOS or via browser. Provide a consistent experience across channels with the aid of an experienced mobile and web development company.

  • IT Maintenance and Support

Ensure that your systems are up and running 24/7 with the help of our IT maintenance and support teams. Our services cover the essential tasks to supplement the work of your own IT team, from monitoring and managing your digital technology to coming up with emergency solutions in the face of unforeseen issues to avoid extra costs. 

  • Blockchain Consulting

Get on board with the blockchain revolution and implement cutting-edge solutions based on one of the hottest technologies out there. Develop your own trusted network with our blockchain consultants and use it to boost your project collaboration, process payments, monitor supply chains, manage data sharing, create a dedicated mobile app, or find out how it can work for your businesses and clients. 

  • Data Science Technologies

Capitalize on all the data you gather about your company, employees, customers and other organizations and businesses through the power of data science. Trust BairesDev to help you develop sophisticated business intelligence and analytics digital solutions that can study large data sets to get out valuable insights and resources. We can help you come up with a comprehensive solution covering predictive analysis, real-time dashboards, and data management. 

  • Internet of Things Consulting

Revolutionize your company with the IoT. We can aid on public large-scale projects ranging from smart buildings to smart cities. We can also assist you in developing IoT commercial projects to integrate sensors with the most diverse technology, enterprise software and facilities. The end result is the same – you’ll get more data to boost your business at reduced costs. 

  • UX/UI Design

Guarantee the best user experience (UX) for your brand across your apps and websites with our UI and UX designers. With BairesDev expertise, you’ll create an entire experience with your brand at its core. Let us walk you through the strategy and UX and UI design stages of app, tool, and website development across all your client’s touch points.

  • MVP Development

See your idea in action in the shortest amount of time with a Minimum Viable Product. Work with the BairesDev software engineering developers to come up with an MVP that has the essential features and validate your assumptions before moving forward with the full development. Get insights from a working software or mobile app and adjust while you go.


The Right Talent for your Company

With BairesDev, you’ll always have a team of professionals on-demand for your latest project. All our engineers are led by senior experts with more than 10+ years of field expertise in developing enterprise software and mobile applications for Fortune 500 companies, organizations and businesses. This ensures reliability, efficiency, and high quality results in all our technology and digital solutions. 

Since we understand that not all US firms, organizations and industries are alike, we offer 3 models for our software engineering development services.


Teams Dedicated to your Brand’s Success

Our dedicated teams will take care of the bulk of the development and free up your IT services staff. This will let them focus on key growth areas.The best thing about this multiple-location approach is that you’ll always get the best talent from several countries, regardless of whether you’re based on New York, Silicon Valley, Houston, or anywhere in the USA.

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Developers Ready to Augment your Team in 2020

Our augmented teams model is perfect for any company looking to fill the talent gaps in their in-house staff. Thus, you can always use BairesDev’s Extended Teams to leverage the power of technologies such as artificial intelligence, increase the speed in your ecommerce development, power up your CMS, refine your mobile app development, and more. All this through a cost-effective solution that provides you speed, talent, results and flexibility within your budget. 

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Outsourcing Solutions For All Companies

BairesDev is the most efficient end-to-end USA software development company for all industries. That’s because we have a numerous team of technical pros in several countries with enough expertise and industry know-how for any project. We work with businesses and organizations from all over the world, be them Fortune 500 companies, new enterprises or small startups. The best thing? We do it remotely and get you to your business goals! 

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Top 1% IT Talent for US Firms

Our US clients already know that when they hire BairesDev, they’ll get the Top 1% Software Engineers in the IT industry from one of the best software development companies around. Everyone from New York to Silicon Valley knows that we are extremely picky when it comes to selecting candidates. In reality, that’s the basis of our success!

Our recruitment process gets more than 240,000 applications per year which are strictly assessed. Only the best candidates go through an interview and evaluation process and just the Top 1% get to work with BairesDev’s software engineering teams. The objective is to ensure that we only work with the true experts in the region. 

Why? Because only the best have the skills to satisfy the business goals of our clients and their industries. Only the best developers can offer quality results in a project with tight deadlines and with a focus on efficiency. But that’s not all. The best also ensure high adaptability to your demands, whether they are that you need a fully autonomous software engineering team or just a single engineer for a mobile application. 


USA Companies: Are you Ready for the Best Software Development?

It’s time to spring into action and make your ideas a reality. With BairesDev, you can finally bet on digital technologies and transformation to get the push you need to achieve your business goals. 

We can develop your product or mobile app from scratch, help you get out of a rut, or monitor the whole process. We can provide you with cutting-edge consulting. We can even aid you with maintenance and support after the product’s launch. Our world-class development services have different models and balanced costs to fit every need and lead you to success. And we can serve you regardless of where your offices or businesses are in the USA, be it New York, Silicon Valley or Denver. Are you ready to get results?


Write to us and let us know about your company, your development needs, or your project ideas. Our software engineering team is ready to help you.

BairesDev Editorial Team

By BairesDev Editorial Team

Founded in 2009, BairesDev is the leading nearshore technology solutions company, with 4,000+ professionals in more than 50 countries, representing the top 1% of tech talent. The company's goal is to create lasting value throughout the entire digital transformation journey.

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