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Custom Healthcare Software Development for a Better Service

If there’s one field that can undeniably benefit from custom software, that has to be the healthcare industry. Hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, and other care organizations can greatly improve their institutions through healthcare software development. That’s because they can leverage the power of digital solutions for providing better overall treatments, managing and monitoring patient data more efficiently, and offering more services for a superior experience.

Interested in all that for your institution? Then you’ll need a trusted partner to accommodate your needs and bring you high-end software solutions that integrate smoothly with your work. In other words, a partner like BairesDev. It doesn’t matter whether you work for a hospital, a clinic, or any other organization. As a leading medical software company, we can help you reach your objectives while being in compliance with HIPAA and other important regulations.

We can offer you a wide range of healthcare software development services to boot your practice. We can help you build new electronic records, create a mobile app for your staff, integrate cloud computing capabilities into your systems, and plenty more.

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How is software development used in healthcare?

At BairesDev, we’ve worked on numerous projects for medical organizations of all sizes across the world. Such experience has given us and our teams the needed expertise to develop specific applications for virtually all stages of patient treatment.

Some of the tools we’ve included in our custom healthcare software development projectsworked in the past include:

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    EHR Software
    Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are some of the must-have applications you have to have. We can build comprehensive EHR and EMR portals accessible from local computers, web, and apps. To do so, we create a platform that has a strong architecture, evidence-based tools, secure database systems, and an easy-to-use interface. All that comes together in sophisticated electronic records that make up the best patient portals for your organization.
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    Health Information Exchange Systems
    Exchanging information is very common in the clinical field. Sending and receiving information happens on a daily basis between doctors, other hospitals, and even with the patients themselves across multiple devices and through several contact channels. BairesDev can make this process easier for you by creating a feature-rich, high-quality health information exchange (HIE) application, all with HIPAA compliance and utmost respect for privacy.
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    Mobile Development
    Mobile devices can be your greatest allies if you power them up with applications for both doctors and patients. On one hand, practitioners can benefit from mobile apps that automate their daily routines, enable task coordination and management, have e-prescribing features, and even are a direct channel to your company’s CRM. On the other hand, an app for patients can give the possibility to schedule appointments, track lab results, and even manage their prescriptions through a personalized system of inventory and alerts.
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    Custom Telemedicine Solutions
    One of the best things about modern technology is that it lets you extend the reach of your services through telemedicine and remote features. Thus, you can deliver remote patient treatment through streaming features, educate people on their treatment through mobile apps, or even use cutting edge technologies like augmented reality to train or assist residents with their learning and education.
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    Pharmacy Management
    Everything related to pharmacy management is a challenge on its own so, why not benefit with an application from BairesDev? We can streamline your entire pharmaceutical operations with a platform ready for tracking inventory and prescriptions, managing dispensing workflows, automating prescription fills, assisting in retail sales, and even providing big data analysis to improve your revenue and drive up value.
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    Healthcare Imaging App
    Medical imaging, clips, and reports are the cornerstone of any successful provider in health-related industries. Fortunately, technology can aid you in better management of clinical imagery – especially if you work with us. That’s because we can develop web and mobile viewer platforms using Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) alongside Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) networks and protocols that will support your company’s daily activities with superb results.
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    Healthcare Analytics
    Every contact point you have is a potential data goldmine you can leverage in your practice’s favor. BairesDev can assist you to create a network that can collect said data through traditional systems, cloud and IoT hardware, and from wherever the patients themselves are generating it. After that, our advanced artificial intelligence-based diagnostics can aid with the analysis to offer valuable insights for any financial and performance-related decision you have to make, from strategic company planning to insurance-related aspects.
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    Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
    With the aid of artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can take advantage of the most cutting edge technologies to support clinical decision-making and diagnostics. We can build an advanced tool that can help you in monitoring every step of your clinical way, from identifying at-risk patients and making accurate diagnoses to personalizing treatment plans and giving people access to a preliminary self-diagnosis platform. All of these are supported by the data provided by your multiple contact points, from your website to the IoT devices you might have.
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    Practice Management
    As it happens with most industries, the best practitioner also has to contemplate other non-medical tasks that are essential to a satisfying service. Financial and administrative tasks can be effortless thanks to BairesDev. We can work on a solution to make it easier for your medical staff to know everything about their activities and shifts and for your admin personnel to easily process insurance claims, billing, and more.

Benefits of our Tailor-made Healthcare Development Services

We provide you with a wide range of services that can surely meet your requirements. From full-cycle development to staff augmentation to fill your talent gaps, we can design any project you might have in mind. The best part of it all: we create solutions that are compliant with any regional, national, and industry standards.

We can create tools and platforms with seamless integration with any existing third-party tool you might have already in place. This lets us create any tool you might need to further your medical practice and add it to your environment. In other words, BairesDev can offer you solutions that easily connect with EHRs, HRMs, the CRM platform of your choice, a mobile app, and more, depending on your project’s requirements.

Our services will transform the way you conduct your business and will provide you with numerous benefits that will boost your care, including:

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    Optimized Workflow
    Providing care and treatments is a sensitive task. The whole process needs to be smooth and streamlined to increase the patient’s comfort and improve the outcomes. With our solutions, that’s exactly what you’ll get – an optimized workflow monitoring everything from patient admittance and health education to release. That includes thorny issues like insurance settlements and billing procedures and small details like booking appointments.
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    Improved Risk Management
    Sensitive information is at the heart of medical activities. That’s the main reason why all systems that handle it have to ensure regulatory HIPAA compliance that protects data from malicious attacks and safeguards its privacy. We are aware of the importance of that, which is why all our tools are compliant with regulations and are thoroughly tested in search of vulnerabilities. This allows for a high-quality tool that gives you greater peace of mind when dealing with data.
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    Ease of Use
    As a part of a bigger environment that encompasses everyone from medical professionals to administrative staffers, applications need to be intuitive to serve different people with diverse levels of tech-savviness. That’s why we work with experts in UI and UX design to guarantee that anyone that works or deals with your organization can easily use our systems and drive engagement up.
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    Increased Growth
    Digital applications can boost your business and allow you to offer more personalized care. This will let you increase patient satisfaction and engagement, and attract more people. You can even use BairesDev’s services to design specific apps to boost your outreach and solidify your growth through marketing and communication platforms.

Successfully Implement a
Healthcare Data Warehouse

A Healthcare Data Warehouse is a central repository where all the data of the healthcare organization is stored, processed, and structured. In it, data coming from diverse sources within a healthcare organization are consolidated and prepared for analysis. Ultimately, the organization can use that data to get insights that can help in making better decisions across the practice.

As such, a Healthcare Data Warehouse can be crucial for your healthcare organization, in that it can aid you in improving health outcomes, boost your resource management, decrease costs, and customize your care delivery. That’s precisely what BairesDev can provide. We can assist you with your data warehousing needs and help you implement a robust healthcare data warehouse that can boost your practice and completely revamp your operations. 

Why choose BairesDev as your Healthcare Software development Company

The services we provide and the benefits we offer your business aren’t promises. They are real advantages that your organization could leverage on-cue to tackle its challenges. That’s possible because we have the necessary expertise and experience working with various providers, enterprise institutions and clients from around the world.

The first thing that supports that is the operational excellence and efficiency we aim for in everything we do. For a field as sensitive as this one, that means that any tool we build is compliant with standards and policies such as HIPAA, DICOM, HL7, GMP, IEC 62304, and with requirements from OWASP and support for FHIR. The robustness and privacy of the final product is a must.

The sensitivity from all the information these systems have to handle also needs us to work with the latest technologies available. That’s why BairesDev engineers have deep knowledge of tools such as identity management, blockchain technology, IoT, and SIEM. What’s more – we also understand the high value of security in a context like this, which is why all our projects include QA testing experts with knowledge in penetration testing and vulnerability scanning.

On top of that, all the professional developers that work with BairesDev on health-related projects have world-class skills and experience across different industries. That’s mainly because we work only with the Top 1% engineering talent to ensure the final quality of every solution we create for our clients. To guarantee that kind of talent, we devised a strict selection process for all aspiring developers. We receive more than 1.2 million applications per year and our process allows us to pick only the very best – the dream team that’s awaiting you.

Finally, it’s worth noting that we offer flexible working alternatives for you to pick from to suit your specific needs. Thus, you can choose to work with one of our dedicated engineering teams to take care of the bulk of the work while your IT personnel focus on other key growth areas. You can also choose to augment your existing team hand-picked professionals to fill in your talent gaps. You can enjoy our expertise through consulting sessions. Or you can use BairesDev outsourcing sources to task us with the creation of your entire solution.

Take Your Practice to the Next Level

As a seasoned professional, you already know of the value digital solutions can bring to your enterprise. From assisting your treatment across all levels and aiding with the administrative service to finding new growth opportunities, custom healthcare software development has become an integral part of the industry as a whole.

Of course, your business’ technology is as good as the people developing it. That’s why BairesDev is your safest bet when it comes to creating a revolution in your practice. We can develop your product from the ground up, help you with a particular sprint, provide you with expert consulting, and even walk you through the product’s implementation and beyond.

And we do so with carefully designed, Agile-based sprints that comply with all health-related regulations and standards as well as with traditional security tests and protocols. If you add to that that we work with the most cutting edge technologies like AI or the cloud and that we have a proven experience with numerous clients in the field, then you’ll definitely understand why you need BairesDev as one of your providers.

Connect with us and tell us about your hospital or clinic, your needs, or your challenges. We will help you find a way to boost your services.

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