2020 Year-End Giveback Program: Creating Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow

As 2020 came to a close, BairesDev invited nearly 250 clients to participate in the Giveback Program initiative. These are the results.

Great talent can come from anywhere. We see it every day as BairesDev engineers with different backgrounds from across the globe work together with clients to advance technology and improve the way the world works, shops, and lives. That makes our work exciting. 

Twice a year BairesDev and its clients come together and issue Giveback Program to support events and organizations dedicated to improving the lives of those in underprivileged communities. By providing access to programs and other empowerment opportunities Giveback Program help the most vulnerable members of our society discover their talents and reach their full potential. Helping them become contributing members of our society is what makes our work meaningful. 

Because our success is shared, we issue Giveback Program in our clients’ names and invite them to select which non-profit they would like to support or to introduce us to an organization doing important work in their community.


The Causes We Support

Diversity and gender equity have a profound impact on our team’s creativity and strategic decision making, and that fuels our growth. Diversity makes us better at what we do, and Comparably recognized our dedication and recently ranked BairesDev #14 for its Diversity in the Large Company category, ranking it alongside companies like Facebook, Google, Netflix, Hubspot, Adobe, and Zoom.

As 2020 came to a close, Giveback Program supported organizations that share our dedication to creating opportunities for people of every race and gender and our passion for seeing them thrive. BairesDev invited nearly 250 clients to participate in the Giveback Program initiative. Most clients chose to support a pre-selected NPO, with almost half directing their grants to Girls in Tech.

Our clients also shared a variety of local and national organizations that are important to them ranging from cancer research to clean water, local mental health programs to the arts. Giveback Program were issued on our clients’ behalf to the following organizations:

BairesDev Giveback Program

“I love the spirit of this, and also share the belief that good people come from everywhere and out of every situation. I’ve selected Girls in Tech to receive my donation.” 

“This is a great initiative. Thank you, it’s a great gesture. We appreciate it and all you and the team have done for us over the last few months.”

With the continued and enthusiastic support of our clients, we are confident that Giveback Program make a lasting impact through the work of the nearly 30 non-profit organizations we’ve supported that revolutionize our world through the transformative power of community, and technology.

“This truly made my day, and I can’t thank you enough for being such an incredible partner…Here’s to many more years together!” 

We give our heartfelt thanks to them all and look forward to working together for years to come. Happy 2021 to everyone!

Learn more about Giveback Program here.

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