B-Grants: 2021 Mid-Year Closing

Building channels for underrepresented talent to provide broader perspectives in software development

As our 2021 Mid-Year B-Grants program comes to a close, we would first like to thank our clients and everyone involved for the consistent support and enthusiasm in helping organizations that foster inclusion in the technology industry. B-Grants is built on the idea that a continuous partnership, in which we make donations on behalf of our clients to a curated list of NPOs, can make a real difference in our industry. 

We are thrilled that more than 100 clients have chosen to support 14 NPOs to provide meaningful career advancement opportunities in the technology industry. In this edition, our primary focus was to support women and other currently underrepresented groups.

Talent is what matters most to us at BairesDev, and we know that the right resources, confidence, and flexibility helps talent everywhere reach their full potential. Seeking to create a more equitable industry, B-Grants is a critical part of our commitment as we give back 1% of our profits to the community, through an initiative that represents our core values of collaboration, passion, and diversity. We eagerly look forward to seeing how contributing the right opportunities to talented individuals can help turn them into the leaders of tomorrow.

“Picked! This looks like a great cause, thank you!” –  Head of Data at Investment Management Company

Lessons from NPOs to help problem-solve more efficiently

The NPOs included in this edition of B-Grants are experts in their fields, which all share the common goal of creating a healthy environment to stimulate learning, mentorship, and progress. This being through diligent and focused actions that allow women to explore and be well represented in various positions within the industry, whether it being as technical leaders, executives, founders, engineers, and more. We encourage you to visit their sites, research their work, and learn more about the importance of their goals. 

  • Girls in TechA global organization focused on the engagement, education, and empowerment of women in technology.
  • Women Who Code:  An international organization that provides services for women pursuing technology careers and a job board for companies seeking coding professionals. 
  • Black Girls CodeAn organization focused on providing technology education for African-American girls.
  • STEM for HerEnables girls and young women to envision the path to an education and a career in STEM by utilizing strategic partnerships to reach underserved, low-income communities.
  • Latinas in Tech: An organization with a clear mission to connect, support and empower Latina women working in tech.

Driven by genuine concern, care, and cooperation with partners and organizations to assist those in need and to improve the lives of young people. The tireless work of collective teams in these initiatives has already been showing results. While the lessons learned throughout this period will help make an even greater difference. 

Thank you, I always like it when I see these from BD. I made the selection and turned it in. Thanks again.” –  Software Development Manager at Information Technology & Services Company.

Women Who Code: “I wanted to personally thank you for choosing to make a donation. Your support of our work is much more than a donation — it’s an investment in strengthening our industry by helping to increase the representation of diverse women in technical and leadership roles. So, thank you for your support during this critical time”

Stem for Her: “This generous donation from BairesDev will allow STEM for Her to continue programming focused on promoting education to create awareness, excitement, and opportunities among girls and young women to launch successful STEM-related careers.”

Latinas in Tech: “We are incredibly grateful for the B-Grants initiative, this donation will allow us to further our mission of supporting and empowering Latinas working in the Tech sector. Donations like these allow us to keep our doors open, build programs, networking events, workshops and provide mentorship opportunities that support our community.” Rocío van Nierop, Co-Founder and Executive Director.

Engagement that creates lasting educational opportunities

We couldn’t be more grateful for the support and participation of our amazing clients, who together have helped connect the next generation of talent to the educational tools required to provide meaningful opportunities to empower individuals and help them achieve their goals. 

“This is an awesome thing you are doing. Thanks for this. I have selected one and submitted it.”Engineering Manager at Information Technology & Services Company.

To round off, and in addition to the amazing efforts already highlighted above, our contribution to
Girls in Tech will be used for the “Girls in Tech Conference”, a one-day virtual event that gathers participants from various backgrounds to help sharpen their skills and learn how to thrive in tech. We hope this will help strengthen our initiative even more and dig deeper into the core of creating an industry with balanced career advancement opportunities. 

Once again, we thank you for your support and enthusiasm in this initiative. It’s only because of you that we were able to make all of this happen!

You can learn more about the continued efforts of our B-Grants program here.

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