B-Grants: Increasing STEM Awareness and Proficiency in Underserved Communities

The 5th Edition of B-Grants supports organizations that encourage talented young people to pursue successful careers in technology.

At BairesDev, we know that talent is everywhere. We are committed to giving back to communities and empowering talented young people who have limited access to educational resources. By facilitating learning environments, we can ensure young people’s talent can shine and create new opportunities in the technology industry as a result.

As part of our commitment to talent everywhere, BairesDev is thrilled to announce the end-of-year edition of B-Grants, our ongoing semi-annual donations program. Through B-Grants, we team up with our client-partners to make donations on their behalf, based on a curated list of non-profit organizations (NPOs).

The 5th edition of B-Grants is focused on supporting NPOs that help spark interest and increase proficiency in STEM in young students from underserved communities. We hope to inspire young talent so they can explore careers in tech-related fields in the future. For this edition, we have selected the following organizations:

  • Geeks Rule, an NPO that uses programming to eliminate racial, gender, and socioeconomic gaps in STEM at underserved secondary schools
  • Kids in Tech, an NPO that empowers children to acquire skills and confidence in technology through interactive after-school programs
  • Best Buddies, whose mission is to create opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Ignite Worldwide, an organization that promotes STEM education and career advancement for girls and non-binary youth from historically marginalized communities
  • SMASH, an NPO that empowers dedicated students of color with STEM education, culturally-relevant coursework, and access to resources and social capital

Investing in the tech talent of the future

Diversity in the tech industry paves the way to a broader range of perspectives and helps teams approach problem-solving more effectively. But, participation in STEM programs by youth from disadvantaged backgrounds has declined 79% over the past 6 years. It is our responsibility to narrow the gaps that prevent equitable involvement in STEM careers for underserved youth. 

At BairesDev, we believe that diversity is a core driver of business growth and we must invest today in the next generation to assure a diverse talent pool and reduce gaps in the future. Through B-Grants, we can work together towards creating a better tomorrow for everyone and present the possibility of working in the tech sector as a goal talented youth from underserved communities can achieve, as we seek to reduce inequality and create a more equitable and diverse industry.

Learn more about the ongoing efforts of our B-Grants program here.

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