BairesDev’s Customer Service Recognized by the Stevie Awards.

The leading technology solutions company earned a Customer Satisfaction Score of over nine out of ten.

BairesDev, a leading technology solutions company, was recently named the winner of Silver and Bronze Stevie® Awards in the categories of Customer Service Department of the Year and Achievement in Customer Satisfaction in the 19th Annual American Business Awards®.

BairesDev’s work during 2020 set new company milestones and benchmarks. Q4 2020 was the first quarter in the company’s history in which BairesDev achieved a Customer Satisfaction Score of over nine out of ten – a score that surpasses the average industry score in B2B software, IT services, and software development companies. At the same time, BairesDev also increased its Net Promoter Score (NPS) – a measure of customer experience and predictor for business growth – by 24.4 percentage points, setting BairesDev’s NPS at 68.1 percent, a score considered “Excellent” by the 2020 NPS Benchmark for Mid-Market B2B IT companies. Such NPS places the company over the 90th percentile of businesses.


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