BairesDev: How to Enter the Company Whose Admission Is More Difficult Than Harvard

It is a fact that in Brazil - and in the rest of the world - the workforce of Technology is scarce

Good professionals are widely disputed by companies and many of them, in their absence, even agree to hire programmers, engineers and the like, of medium level, to train their skills within their staff. But BairesDev, a company specializing in nearshore software outsourcing, goes the other way: it has one of the most difficult selection processes on the market to attract the best professionals. And the strategy has been working very well!

Basically, BairesDev is an IT outsourcing company. Increasingly used by the market, this strategy involves hiring a specialized company to take care of all the technology part of your business, allowing companies to focus on the main activity and leave other processes in the hands of highly trained professionals.

Read the full story here.

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