Child’s Play – Shining Once Again in Our 2020 Donations Program

Child’s Play, an NPO improving the lives of children through the power of play, was one of the most supported organizations in our 2020 Donations Program for the second year in a row.
Childs Play

Our 2020 Donations Program has been an incredibly fulfilling achievement for the entire BairesDev team. We started this program to periodically donate part of our revenue to nonprofit organizations that empower people and build spaces where talent can shine. So far, BairesDev has made close to 100 donations on behalf of our clients to almost 20 NPOs that are helping people thrive around the world. Child’s Play was, once again, among the most supported organizations in the program. 

Child’s Play is a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children and teens through the power of toys and games. Since 2003, they have extended their network to hundreds of child welfare facilities across the world, including over 185 hospitals and 200 domestic violence shelters. Their work reaches more than one million kids per year,  bringing joy and entertainment everywhere they go and making children’s lives better. 


How Child’s Play Supports Talent

Child’s Play believes in the “power of play”. By working with a staff of specialists with expertise in therapeutic play and education, they can reduce fear, anxiety, and pain for pediatric patients. Both parents and hospital caregivers have recognized the amazing impact these activities have on the children’s mood, easing their recovery process and even helping them heal faster. 

The NPO uses donations to buy video games, toys, gaming consoles, movies, books, 3D printers, and AR/VR headsets that every kid can play with while a specialist teaches them about these technologies and what they can achieve with it. 

To ensure donations are used to their fullest, Child’s Play supports children’s welfare centers in two ways. First, they work directly with local health officials to run a wishlist program specific to their facilities. This way, donors can purchase the right items for each welfare center and Child’s Play can send them directly to where they belong.

On the other hand, Child’s Play runs a series of yearly campaigns to provide annual monetary gifts for all the Child Life Health Departments in their network. The goal of these gifts is to help welfare centers purchase all the necessary supplies and technology to enhance the pediatric patient experience. Their two biggest campaigns are:

  • Gamers Give Back: Gamers Give Back® is a year-long fundraising program where people who love video games can share that love with the world. Most of the time, these fundraisers are run on streaming platforms, where gamers can set up a Donor Drive and transfer all donations to Child’s Play or the hospital wishlist of their choice. While the main event is on March 28th, gamers are encouraged to run fundraisers at any time during the year. 
  • Annual Dinner Auction: Every December, Child’s Play hosts a gala event for the geeky and nerdy community. People come from all over to attend this formal and fun celebration of their fandoms and raise money for a great cause. Throughout the evening, Child’s Play hosts silent and public auctions where attendants can bid for some unique gaming items, donating all profits for the benefit of the children. 


Even though all of these initiatives already have a great effect, Child’s Play knows there is always room for improvement. As a result, the NPO conducts ongoing research programs to learn how new technologies can benefit both children and their families in innovative ways. They fund grants for third-party research teams and help children’s hospitals set up their own research programs. Every year, the results are used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their actions. 


A World Where Children Can Be Children

There’s no denying the sense of wellness and normalcy that we all have when playing games. For children, this effect is nothing short of amazing. Organizations like Child’s Play are building a world where children can be children, giving them the support they need to overcome difficult situations. Learn more about Child’s Play and find out how you can contribute to their cause at

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