More AI Developers Focused on Engineering the Bias Out of AI

Damian Scalerandi, VP of Operations at BairesDev, shares his view on AI Development trends.

One AI engineer values an approach that combines many stakeholders in the initial definition of an AI project. The team needs to take into account the social implications of its implementation, suggests Damian Scalerandi, VP of operations at BairesDev, author of a recent account in Forbes. The San Francisco-based BairesDev offers AI software development services to its clients.  

AI development is likely to have its blind spots. “And our best chance to find them and patch them is to collaborate with the people closest to the societal context itself—sociologists, behavioral scientists and humanities specialists,” Scalerandi stated.  

Some engineers refer to this approach as community-based system dynamics (CBSD), a term introduced in 2013 in a book by that name by author Peter S. Hovmand.   

“Together, we can form a shared hypothesis of how a certain algorithm could work and how we can best guarantee win-win scenarios,” Scalerandi stated. “In the end, this is all about supporting technological innovations that are fair, safe, and beneficial to everyone.”  

Read the full article here.

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