BairesDev Giveback Program Equips Minorities to Compete for In-Demand Tech Jobs

The 7th biannual BairesDev Giveback Program will focus on reskilling professionals from underrepresented minorities who want to pursue a career in tech, promoting a more inclusive industry and helping solve the tech talent crunch.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, Dec. 08, 2022 — BairesDev®, a leading nearshore software solutions company, has launched the 7th edition of its Giveback Program, an initiative aimed at promoting inclusion and diversity in the tech community. By the end of 2022, the award-winning CSR initiative is expected to support the training and learning of more than 3,500 talented individuals from underrepresented communities in more than 10 countries.

“Diversity is much more than a CSR initiative —  it’s a foundational pillar for anyone who wants to build a successful global company with genuine impact,” said Nacho De Marco, co-founder and CEO of BairesDev. “We believe talent is everywhere, and our goal is to help create access to tech careers and continue to diversify the workforce by reskilling tech professionals. This will ultimately help address the industry’s tech talent crunch.”

While markets brace for a difficult period ahead, IT and data professionals remain in high demand. Big tech layoffs have crowded the talent pool, but employers continue to seek qualified engineers: in the US alone, more than 100,000 IT jobs remain unfilled, reflecting that the demand in these fields exceeds supply (Janco Associates). As job opportunities in the tech industry exceed the talent available to fill them, fully distributed models and global outsourcing can be part of the solution. However, there is ample opportunity to retrain professionals interested in tech.

In this edition, the Giveback Program provides support to nonprofit organizations that reskill talent from underrepresented minorities who want to pursue a career in tech, training them for the positions companies are struggling to fill. BairesDev will work closely with three philanthropic organizations: Per Scholas, an institution that helps individuals jumpstart their tech careers with free industry-leading certifications and training; Generation, an organization that prepares, places, and supports people into life-changing careers; and Reskill Americans, which provides participants with free software development training.


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