New Edition of BairesDev Giveback Program Launches to Foster the Tech Talent of Tomorrow

The program showcases the company's commitment to building a more diverse and inclusive tech industry by creating awareness and inviting its clients to be part of the change.

CALIFORNIA, June 14, 2022 –  BairesDev®, a leading technology solutions company, announced the launch of a new edition of its Giveback Program (formerly called B-Grants), which most recently won a Stevie® Award for Corporate Responsibility Program of the Year. Through the initiative, the company teams up with its clients to donate to nonprofit organizations (NPOs) focused on promoting opportunities that help empower people to achieve their full potential through tech education and access to resources.

According to the World Economic Forum, in 2021, 33% of American kids living in lower-income households did not have access to a family computer. To address technological inequalities such as these, the focus of this edition is to foster the tech talent of tomorrow by contributing to closing the digital gap faced by underrepresented communities.

Creating system-wide change in the tech industry requires companies not only to strive to recruit, hire, and retain a more diverse workforce, but also to implement sustainable initiatives through integral and collaborative efforts to guarantee long-lasting change. With this knowledge, BairesDev created the Giveback Program, an initiative to promote opportunities that help empower and allow talented people to shine, wherever they may be.

Creating awareness around critical issues and engaging key stakeholders and communities is essential in this process. Building on trust relationships with its clients, BairesDev invites them to get involved in the program by choosing a social initiative where the company will make a donation on their behalf. In the last edition of the BairesDev Giveback Program, 125 companies participated in the program and helped to support a total of 25 NPOs.

At BairesDev, we strive to help talented people flourish, regardless of their background or resources. With our Giveback Program, we work in partnership with our clients and NPOs to uplift those from underserved communities specifically by providing them with technology-related training and resources,” said Nacho De Marco, CEO and co-founder of BairesDev. “We’re truly honored to be working with such impactful NPOs and are thankful for all the work they’re doing to help foster the tech talent of tomorrow.”  

For this edition of the program, BairesDev has chosen five recipients:

  1. Womxn in Power, an initiative to increase the number of Venture Capital being invested in Female Founders. 
  2. EveryoneOn, dedicated to connecting families in underserved communities to affordable internet service and computers. 
  3. NPower, focused on moving people from poverty to the middle class through tech skills training and quality job placement. 
  4.  Close the Gap, an organization that provides high-quality refurbished IT devices for social and educational projects in countries all over the world.
  5. LaunchCode, a nonprofit offering free tech education and job placement opportunities to bring new people from all backgrounds into the tech field. 
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