The Great Resignation is Reshaping Team Structure Forever

There is a direct connection between staffing issues and a lack of company growth. Just like the digital acceleration and flexibility forced by the pandemic, the businesses that fail to adapt to new team structures will fall behind.

By: Luis Paiva, SVP, People, Technology and Operations at BairesDev

As the latest COVID-19 variant spreads, it’s already impacting business resumption plans once again – causing more operational challenges for many organizations. Omicron comes at a time when many organizations are recognizing the long-term issues that were caused by the pandemic, with employee retention being a notable concern. Many companies are just now finding themselves unable to simultaneously fulfill the new business needs and expectations brought by the pandemic and it’s critical that businesses address these issues both in light of the new variant and to prepare for future crises that could result. Data shows employees are increasingly looking elsewhere for higher flexibility and pay. While companies are scrambling to fill roles in the short-term, a longer-term shift is underway that will change the talent and solutions landscape forever.

Read the full article here.

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