Joining This Company Is Harder Than Getting Into Harvard

BairesDev is dedicated to exporting Latin American talent. And it's doing very well.

BairesDev is a Latin American company that specializes in nearshore software outsourcing: it provides software development, dedicated teams of engineers and other digital services to US clients. “Nearshore” means that clients outsource their work outside the country (offshore outsourcing), but Nearby, in Latin America. This region has several advantages over other regions, such as sharing the time zone and geographic proximity, which make teamwork much easier.

In other words, BairesDev is dedicated to exporting Latin American talent. And it’s doing very well. The company does not stop receiving awards and mentions in the rankings for its exponential growth. It was recently selected for the second year in a row among the fastest developing companies in the US by the prestigious Inc. 5000 ranking. Thanks to an astonishing growth of 525.8% in the last two years, the San Francisco Business Times finishes it. to be listed in 9th place among companies in the area.

Read the full story here.

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