Leveraging Tech Trends in 2023

On the Modern CTO podcast, hosted by Joel Beasley, BairesDev's CTO, Justice Erolin, discusses the in-demand technologies that will shape the industry in 2023, tech talent trends, and the most valuable lessons he has learned as a leader.

Justice Erolin, BairesDev’s CTO, was invited to be a guest on the Modern CTO podcast, where top tech leaders share their expertise and experiences in the industry.

In this episode, Justice offers insights on the technologies most requested by clients, how the explosion of talent from LatAm is impacting the tech industry worldwide, and the tech trends shaping 2023. This podcast also explores:

  • The advantages of nearshoring vs. offshoring, including time zone and culture alignment
  • How “boring tech” is on the rise as companies focus on initiatives with defined short-term benefits.  
  • Why JavaScript and Python experts are in-demand

Listen to the episode here.

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