Leveraging the Benefits of Remote Work

BairesDev’s EVP of Growth discusses the challenges faced by businesses today as they adapt to the new normal.

Guest Speaker: Edward “E.B.” Batten, EVP of Growth at BairesDev

Our EVP of Growth Edward “E.B.” Batten was featured as a Guest speaker on the Supporting IT Support Podcast, where host Jesse Nowlin interviews technology professionals about their career journeys, as well as the problems and opportunities the industry faces.

During this episode, E.B. shared some of the challenges faced by businesses today in heading back to the office, as well as the many ways companies are changing to adapt to the new normal. This podcast also explores several topics, including:

  • Advantages and drawbacks of remote working.
  • Steps to take to ensure remote work can be successful.
  • The role of digital acceleration in this transition.
  • A few pointers for managers as they adapt to the new reality.

Listen to the full episode

About the Supporting IT Support Podcast:

We’ve come a long way since computers took up the size of a room, and with every new advancement, from the smartwatch to the internet itself, there has always been one person who has loved tech more than anyone else. When answering the phone they skip the traditional ‘hello’ or ‘hi’, resorting instead to their mantra, ‘have you tried turning it off and on again?’ These people have gone by many names over the decades, but they are consistent in their calling. IT. They work in the shadows, diligently keeping operations from going dark. These everyday heroes….. are known as IT Support.

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