Bairesdev: Meet the Company That May Be the Next Latin American Unicorn

BairesDev is an increasingly attractive option for programmers from all over Latin America, especially for those who dream of working for large companies.
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Have you heard of IT outsourcing? Increasingly used across the market, this strategy involves hiring a specialized company to take care of all the technology of your business, allowing companies to focus on their core business and leave other processes in the hands of highly trained professionals.

That’s what BairesDev does, a company that saw potential in the Latin American market and is currently among the fastest-growing in the region, operating in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico, in addition to having headquarters in San Francisco, in California. Founded in 2009 by two engineers, it already receives more than one million applications for job openings every year, of which only 1% are hired after a strict selection process.

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