Recognizing World Creativity and Innovation Day

In recognition of World Creativity and Innovation Day, BairesDevⓇ shares the innovations happening inside the company among its 5,000 engineers.

At BairesDev, we know that creativity and innovation are the foundation for all of our work. They drive how our employees collaborate, how we serve our clients, and how we grow as a company. In recognition of World Creativity and Innovation Day, we are sharing the innovations happening inside BairesDev among our 5,000 engineers. We have developed a series of competitive and collaborative events for our employees to strengthen strategic thinking, innovation, and cultural transformation, and also to reinforce open innovation ecosystems.


This year, BairesDev launched the second edition of the Hackathon, an event in which participating developers must create a solution for a proposed theme within a given period of time. In addition to generating networking opportunities and showcasing employees’ talent and ideas, the winning team receives prize money and the opportunity to present the project to the Board. 

Valley of Ideas

Promoted by Nacho De Marco, CEO of BairesDev, the Valley of Ideas is an initiative that empowers all employees to submit creative, entrepreneurial ideas that they are excited about but do not have the time, resources, or know-how to pursue on their own. Employees can also submit ideas they have been working on already, but need support to achieve. 

Participants’ proposals are evaluated by BairesDev’s founders, who evaluate each idea based on the problem it is trying to solve,  originality, and the strength of the proposed solution. The winners also receive a cash reward.


Across the company, software engineers have the opportunity to form collectives called “Circles.” This initiative engages software engineers in a community that promotes growth and subject matter expertise. Within a Circle, anyone can share new best practices and experiences in specific areas. Through Circles, BairesDev seeks to improve our customers’ experience as well as the experience of any engineer who can benefit from the sharing of knowledge and tools. 

Circle participation is similar to an open-source project in that it is not exclusive, and anyone can contribute. Recent Circle areas of focus include Agile and Scrum, DevOps, UX/UI, product management, front end, back end, QA, data engineering AI, and machine learning.


BairesDev also offers access to Udemy, an online learning platform that provides employees courses on programming, data science, marketing, and other specialties depending on the talent focus and their interests.

Lunch and Learn 

Our Lunch and Learn initiative offers a series of events in which BairesDev employees have the opportunity to present innovative ideas to the entire Developer Community within the company. These events are focused on topics that are extremely technical and require a deep dive into a language, tool, or framework to solve distinct problems that may benefit others.

Through each of these initiatives, we have seen firsthand the fostering of creativity and innovation within our organization and the benefits for our teams, our clients, and the company as a whole. While we celebrate World Creativity and Innovation day today, we at BairesDev will continue to focus on and elevate the creativity and innovative spirit of our team members all year through these programs and the introduction of new initiatives to build for the future.

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