Top 1% IT Talent in Latin America: Web Development Company Has More Than 900 Open Positions

In the list of the 25 professions of the future, we see, with no surprise, that almost all of them are, in some way, linked to information technology.

To give you an idea, between March and April 2020, there was a 55% increase in vacancies for web developers. And, according to a study released by Brasscom (Brazilian Association of Information and Communication Technology Companies), by 2024, 420 thousand professionals working in the IT area will be needed. However, Brazil trains only 46 thousand people with technology skills per year.

So it’s no secret that IT professionals are some of the most in demand in the world. Perhaps that is why BairesDev, a software outsourcing company, works with a thorough employee selection process. Every year, the company receives more than 1.2 million job applications, but selects only those who fit in the top 1% of IT talent in Latin America.

Read the full story here.

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