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BairesDev is the leading Nearshore Technology Solutions company hiring only the Top 1% of Tech Talent. We build tailored-fit development teams that match your needs and integrate seamlessly with your in-house team. Thus, we can guarantee high-quality delivery for all your tech projects, regardless of their nature or complexity.

Custom software development is at the heart of our company. We offer a wide range of end-to-end software development services specifically designed to help you meet your goals, taking into account your business infrastructure and key facets of your industry.

Whether it comes to customizing a running platform, developing prototype applications for a small business, or implementing complex technology solutions for enterprises, our globally distributed team of expert talent is ready to get on it.

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What is Custom Software Development?

Our world is more tech-driven than ever before. Adopting technology solutions has become a key element to build competitive advantages and maintain market leadership. In this framework, the best way to guarantee business scalability is to develop software solutions that match the unique requirements of every organization.

Custom software development encompasses the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of applications with unique features.

Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, custom software is designed, developed, implemented, and maintained by a dedicated team of expert engineers whose main goal is to satisfy the needs of a particular project or business. As a result, this type of software leads to more targeted results and higher-quality products while maximizing cost efficiency.

Businesses often outsource these services to a third-party with the know-how, industry expertise, and onboard talent necessary to achieve complex objectives in tight deadlines. A custom software development team acts as an extension of your business and helps tackle long-term goals with the right technology stack and support.

Why do you need Custom Software?

Regardless of the industry, every business is unique. Each company out there has its own needs and demands as well as its customers and their own specific requirements. Naturally, meeting those needs and demands is key. But, in today’s context, doing so isn’t easy. Organizations must be able to adapt quickly and pivot in order to keep up with the ever-changing demands that dominate the landscape.

Custom software development can be crucial at that, as it helps teams and organizations to quickly respond to such fluctuations. It does so by providing specific features and services tailor-made for each specific demand. Thus, this customized approach gives companies the perfect solution to deal with their unique needs.

Here are another 8 reasons to choose custom software that show how it can help you scale faster, better integrate software, and lower your overall costs while meeting your distinctive needs.

What types of solutions can you develop with Custom Software?

Although there will be several custom software development trends each year, we can classify our clients’ needs into one of these 8 categories:

Custom Programming vs Custom Software Development

Custom programming is all about meeting a specific demand within the development process. This may be related to an existing feature or to having to create a new solution from scratch. Your organization can leverage custom programming to create a solution that fits your exact business needs. This can be attained through the help of a software development team or by adding talent with specific skill sets to your team to successfully complete your project.

As for custom software development, this entails the process of designing, creating, and delivering software suited to the needs of either an individual, a team, or an entire organization.  Different from custom programming, this goes towards creating the entire solution as well as the individual building blocks that make up for customized software.

How to Hire Custom Software Developers through BairesDev

At BairesDev, we offer you custom software development services that meet your specific requirements. It doesn’t matter if you need a particular role to augment your in-house team or want a fully autonomous development team – we can always provide you with the best fit. Here’s how we do it.


Tell Us About You

Tell us about your company, your project, or the goals you want to achieve. Our senior software consultants will talk it out with you.

Meet Your Custom Team

We will assign a custom-built development team to your project within days, giving you immediate access to the Top 1% of Tech Talent.

Project Start

Your new software development team will integrate seamlessly with your in-house team and jump-start your project from Day 1. 


Great! You’re now working with the best IT experts in the market. Get ready to embrace a whole new world of technology!

  • Identify the challenge

    The first thing is meeting with you to better understand your company, overall strategy, mission, and goals. All of this is necessary to fully grasp your project’s context and truly identify the challenge you’re facing - and the problem you’re trying to solve with custom software development.

    That problem can take many forms, which is why we’ll help you navigate through your current digital environment to find the true issues that might be hindering your business performance. Some of the common issues we’re accustomed to dealing with include:

    • Legacy software
    • Manual and inefficient workflows
    • Integration issues
    • Poor customer experience
    • Lack of competitive edges

  • Plan the roadmap and build the team

    Once we’re familiar with your project requirements and the problem you’re trying to solve, we take the next step: planning and building the team. On one hand, the BairesDev experts assigned to your project start analyzing your needs and objectives to better define the strategy we’ll use to develop your custom software. We establish the proper methodology, the tech stack, and devise an estimated roadmap.

    Then we start building the perfect team for you. For that, we use Staffing Hero, our proprietary AI-driven staffing solution, which uses artificial intelligence to search through our +1,2 million engineer database for the perfect candidates for your project. By using AI, we can match you with the Top 1% of Tech talent in less time, ensuring the right fit for your objectives.

  • Start the project

    After you greenlight the roadmap and the custom development team we’ve built for you, we’ll get started with the project. It doesn’t matter if you hired a fully autonomous custom development team or used BairesDev’s staffing services to augment your in-house team, we’ll add value to your operations from the minute one.

    The BairesDev team will go through the predefined roadmap, providing the pre-agreed deliverables, gathering your feedback, and adjusting the product as needed. We’ll also use our QA services to ensure that the custom software works as intended and it’s free from as many bugs as possible, mitigating the potential risks to a minimum.

Industry Expertise

At BairesDev, we pride ourselves on having a seasoned staff of more than 3,500 expert engineers knowledgeable in virtually every major technology. With their priceless collaboration, we’ve been able to complete projects for companies of all sizes and business verticals. 

That kind of experience provides us with the know-how to work on virtually any project you may have on your hand, regardless of complexity or industry. In fact, we have a proven track record powering the digital acceleration processes of some of the most digitally-savvy industries, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Fintech and banking
  • Retail
  • Marketing
  • Telecommunications
  • Supply chain
  • Education

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    What is custom-built software?
    Custom-built software is the result of custom software development, a process that encompasses the design, creation, deployment, and maintenance of digital solutions for specific users or organizations. Thus, rather than serving a broad audience with a common problem, custom-build software is all about addressing highly-specific requirements that are often inherent to the users or organizations that commissioned the custom development.

    Custom-build software (also known as “bespoke software”, “tailor-made software”, or just “custom software”) can be created by in-house development teams or outsourcing custom development companies by following the traditional software development lifecycle.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    What is an example of customized software?
    Custom software can cover virtually any digital product developed for a specific set of users. This includes web and mobile application development, CRM and CMS building, cloud-based platform creation, and even the development of cutting-edge software powered by AI. For instance, an online banking app that offers features to cover the organization’s specific services is a custom software, as it’s tailored to the needs of that bank and that bank alone.

    Naturally, custom software can have a varied complexity. This means that you can develop anything from a custom MVP to try your mobile app idea to a highly sophisticated ERP system for a huge organization.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    How much does it cost to develop a software?
    The cost of developing custom software depends on the specificity of the requirements, the complexity of the project, and the resources needed to build the final product. It isn’t the same to work on the MVP of a web application as integrating an AI-powered algorithm in a large enterprise system. So, the best way to know the cost of custom development is to talk to a reputable company such as BairesDev, that can better assess you with your project.

    It’s worth noting that custom software is initially more expensive than adopting off-the-shelf software. However, the initial investment you make with custom software will more than pay off in the mid term, as you’ll get a competitive advantage and a more efficient piece of software that will better fit with your workflow.
  • Why choose BairesDev?
    Choosing BairesDev as your custom software development provider gives you access to the Top 1% of Tech Talent. We build our tailored-fit development teams around your specific requirements, thus ensuring that they can provide the most value for your project while also guaranteeing a high-quality delivery of any technology solution you might have in mind.

    Additionally, custom software development is at the very core of our company’s services. That’s why we offer a wide variety of services specifically created to meet your business objectives and your preferred working methods. We’re committed to bringing you operational excellence to all your projects, no matter which industry you’re part of or what kind of application you’re trying to develop.

    BairesDev’s ultimate goal is to power the digital acceleration processes of businesses of all sizes. We do so by applying the latest technologies and methodologies to our custom software development process, ensuring that you’ll always get innovative and high-quality solutions in the most efficient way.
  • Who will work on my software?
    When you hire BairesDev to take care of your custom software development needs, we’ll discuss your options with you. Depending on your expertise, your available resources, and the project itself, we can offer different services to better meet your demands. Thus, we can provide you with a fully autonomous team of Top 1% of Software Engineers that can tackle the entire project by themselves.

    We can also offer you the necessary roles to tackle just a part of the project. We can even provide you with staffing services that can help you bridge the talent gaps in your in-house team with seasoned professionals that will integrate into your development team as if they were one of them. It’ll all depend on your specific needs and your current situation but we can guarantee that, whenever you hire BairesDev, the people working on your project will be highly-skilled engineers with years of experience in your preferred technology and in your industry.

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BairesDev is a leading development company

We lead the digital transformation of companies worldwide. Our team is driven by the Top 1% of Tech Talent, from fully managed teams to individual expert Engineers.



The team at BairesDev has become a significant part of the client’s team. Their skilled expertise complemented their professional management style. They’re thoughtful and responsive as well.
BairesDev rapidly fills positions with top-notch resources. Their selection process yields consistently talented individuals who integrate well with the post requirements and existing team. Their responsiveness and level of organization stand out.
The team at BairesDev continues providing their development expertise. Their customer service approach led to a high-quality product. They’re talented and hardworking. They’re also receptive to feedback.

Our Portfolio

Check out how our top software engineers developed impactful solutions for industry-leading clients around the world.

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Custom Software Development Advantages

High Flexibility

The solution will fit seamlessly into all your processes and workflows, no matter how big or complex they are.

Cost Effectiveness

Being developed just for you, the custom software will cover all of your specific needs, even in the long run, without the need of paying for a license or adding extra users as your company grows.



Off-the-shelf software might cover your needs today but it’s usually difficult or very expensive to scale. Having scalability in mind while developing your custom solutions allows you to grow without being held back by your software.


Hackers are aware of the vulnerabilities of popular software and know where to attack. A custom developed software that’s only used by your team will have minimum chances of intrusion.

Compatibility And Integration

The use of many different software solutions in an organization is usually a threat to compatibility and increases the costs and difficulty of maintenance. Custom building software can integrate everything you need in only one tool, while making sure it is 100% integrated with other company tools.


Custom Software Development Methodologies

All of our methodologies are based around a Design Thinking mindset. Every single person in our company follows these principles and applies them to their daily work.

agile software development


This is our standard practice for services-oriented projects, code, and design deliverables. Agile is perfect for projects where client involvement and the flexibility to adapt to changing conditions are essential.

lean custom software development


Delivering complex projects on tight schedules is not an impossible task. Our Lean-oriented teams work as efficiently as possible and are experts at avoiding resource waste.

Devops custom software developers


What can be measured can improve. Our cross-functional development teams keep a close eye on every relevant KPI, while also embracing innovation and transparency.

Waterfall methodology Devops custom software developers


Following a sequential step system, it’s a highly-structured methodology that is most suitable for projects that requiere high-quality standards through a more rigorous and timely organization.

Scrum methodology


Every development team is led by a certified Scrum Master, who is in charge of prioritizing tasks, dividing responsibilities efficiently, and time-boxing every element.

Extreme Programming XP Custom Software Development


The Extreme Programming method works best in dynamically changing situations involving high-risk challenges and new technologies.

Prototype Software Methodology


By prioritizing user involvement and feedback, we are able to create products with great interaction, excellent interface, and frictionless user experience.

Rapid Application Development


Evolving designs, consistent progress tracking, and compartmentalization are the key ingredients in Rapid Application Development to reach immediate solutions.

To learn more, take a look at our Software Development Methodologies.

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At BairesDev we can develop your product from start to finish, or handle individual segments of the process for you. We offer world-class software product development services from requirements and systems analysis, architecture and design to development, testing, migration, and deployment.

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