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Giveback Program: Dedicated to increasing STEM awareness and proficiency in underserved communities

Supporting entities that facilitate learning and encourage talent from disfavorable environments to pursue successful careers in technology.
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We are thrilled to announce the end-of-year edition of Giveback Program, our ongoing semi-annual donations program. Through it, we team up with our client-partners to make donations on their behalf, based on a curated list of non-profit organizations (NPOs). 

With this initiative, we give back to the community and empower talented young people that struggle from limited access to educational resources. We do so by facilitating learning environments so their talent can shine, and create new opportunities in the technology industry as a result. 

At BairesDev, we recognize that talent comes from everywhere. That’s why our 5th edition of Giveback Program is focused on supporting NPOs that help spark interest and increase proficiency in STEM in young students from underserved communities. By doing this, we hope to inspire them, so they gain the confidence to see themselves working in tech-related fields in the future.

Getting rid of the STEM Stereotype

Imagination, creativity, and building aren’t only elements from children’s games but are also the core approach towards problem-solving in STEM-related activities. Channeling the natural curiosity and imagination that children are born with and showing young students how this can be applied to their studies in STEM, we can help them develop the skills to take action, learn, and evolve. 

Getting rid of the stereotypes young students may have on STEM leads to continued learning, increases proficiency, and encourages them to pursue successful careers in related fields. In this way, we can work together towards creating a better tomorrow for everyone and present the possibility of working in the tech sector as a goal they can achieve. 

    Providing favorable conditions to reduce inequality

    Participation in STEM programs by young students from disadvantaged backgrounds has declined 79% over the past 6 years. As part of our overall efforts with Giveback Program, we seek to reduce inequality and create a more equitable industry by providing favorable conditions for talented people to thrive.

    Young students are the creative change-makers of tomorrow. 

    It’s our responsibility to encourage their interest in STEM learning from early on.

    Dedicated to that cause, we presented our client partners with a list of NPOs that share our dedication to promoting the development of underrepresented talent. Our clients only have to pick one of them (or suggest one of their own) so we can make donations on their behalf:

    Facilitating Learning for Talent to Shine

    At BairesDev, giving back to the community is part of our core values.  We know that the world is full of talented people who don’t always have favorable conditions, which ends up hindering their opportunities to thrive.

    With that said, software development careers have a projected 22% growth over the next 8 years, according to a study conducted by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics. That’s why we anticipate that the efforts of Giveback Program will help the communities and organizations that support young talent in pursuing STEM-related careers. 

    By providing the resources to those that can’t access them otherwise, we ensure that anyone with an interest and a nascent talent can develop a career in the technology industry. 

    As our new edition kicks off, make sure to stay tuned for updates on all of these initiatives that are helping underserved students with education and content on coding and software development-related activities. 

    Learn more about the ongoing efforts of our Giveback Program here.

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