5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Software Development To Argentina

The New Jewel of the Crown in LATAM

With the increasing globalization of software development and the standardization of remote working as a business practice, outsourcing became an essential ally for businesses looking to sophisticate their IT infrastructure through digital acceleration processes. That has multiplied the alternatives you have when it comes to hiring software engineers because you virtually have all the world’s talent at your disposal.

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Top Reasons

Naturally, there are certain locations that are better positioned to cater to your software needs. 

But here we’ll focus on one of the Latin American countries that better incarnates the region’s potential for software development: Argentina. The country has superb talent, a convenient time zone, and practically no cultural barriers. There are plenty of more reasons why teaming up with an Argentina-based software company would be great for your digital acceleration – below, you’ll find the 5 most important ones.

  • Abundant Qualified Talent

    One of the biggest factors that drive any company to outsource their software development is the need for qualified professionals to tackle the projects at hand. But not all countries have the necessary workforce to handle the increasing IT needs of the US market. Argentina doesn’t have such a problem. With an active force of 115,000 IT workers that are mostly senior (30%) and semi senior (46%), there are plenty of seasoned professionals for companies trying to boost their projects.

    There’s more. The number of students pursuing IT-related studies at universities and academies is steadily increasing and almost doubling with each passing year. The government is playing its part to ensure that trend keeps moving forward. First, by providing free college education for anyone, making it easier for students to get their IT degrees. And then, by providing tax incentives for IT companies to train and hire new workers. In fact, a new bill approved by both chambers of Congress aims to double the IT employment in the country by 2030. 

  • Cultural Similarities

    Do a little digging online and you’ll find that most of the horror stories related to outsourcing development are somewhat related to mismatched expectations between the hiring company and the provider. Unfortunately, that’s a frequent thing for businesses that work with software engineers from vastly different cultures that have different approaches to work.

    Thus, businesses in the USA need to collaborate with companies based on countries that are culturally similar to their home country. Argentina is one such country, mainly because its social and business customs closely align with those from the US. This makes it easier for Argentinian development teams to quickly fit in with American teams. That results in a better understanding of the requirements and objectives of the projects, which translates into a more straightforward development that has fewer hiccups.

  • English Proficiency

    Having a similar culture isn’t enough for a remote team to align with your business needs and goals - you also need to get rid of any potential roadblocks caused by miscommunication. Thus, you need to partner with a software development company that speaks your same language, so you can rest assured that what you’re saying is perfectly and thoroughly understood.

    Fortunately, Argentina is the Latin American country with the highest English proficiency. People are taught English since elementary school and the language plays a major role in the country’s everyday life. What’s more - 60% of IT professionals in Argentina work for US companies whether through IT staffing companies or on their own, so most professionals in the sector already have a bilingual level.

  • Similar Time Zone

    Some companies that hire outsourcing services don’t realize the capital importance that the partner’s time zone has for the success of a software development project. You can’t afford to do that. It’s obviously not the same collaborating with a company based in India that has 14 hours time difference with the US than partnering with an Argentina-based company that’s only two hours ahead in Eastern Time and five hours ahead of Western Time.

    Why is that so important? Because having similar business hours will allow you to communicate more directly with your remote team and avoid relying solely on email. Thus, you can schedule meetings and calls with the Argentina-based team to discuss your projects and get instant feedback, which smoothens the communication even more.

  • Competitive Costs

    Companies that started the outsourcing trend did so as a way to cut costs while still getting the work done. While the outsourcing equation has gotten a little more complex since those early days, costs are still a factor that you need to take into consideration. In that way, Argentina might not be the cheapest option, especially when compared to offshore outsourcing companies in India or Ukraine.  

    However, Argentinian software development companies offer very competitive costs while still retaining the high-quality you’d get from a US-based team. The key here is that you understand what you’re paying for. You might get a lower price tag for your project if you look in other regions (especially in Asia) but you wouldn’t get some of the benefits we’ve outlined here - and that’s without saying that some of the companies over there can offer those prices because they sacrifice the final product’s quality. Argentinian companies, on the other hand, always put quality first.

The Best Software Development Company in Argentina

The benefits listed above should be enough to convince you to look to Argentina for your software development needs. But once you do, you’ll see that there are plenty of software development companies that are ready to tackle any IT project you might have. How can you know which one is best for you? You should consider the following factors to make a decision:

• Experience in your industry and on similar projects

• Expertise in the technologies you need for the project at hand

• A clearly defined workflow that includes agile methodologies and the latest tools

• Outsourcing services to fit your particular needs

• Senior talent available on demand

If you follow that checklist while looking for the best software company in Argentina, it’s highly likely that you’ll end up finding BairesDev. We’re a leading software development company that is boosting the digital acceleration processes of clients from all over the world. We can develop technology solutions of all kinds and complexity, thanks to our expert teams comprised of the Top 1% of IT Talent in Argentina and the Americas.

We have strong experience in developing solutions for several crucial industries, such as the financial, healthcare, retail, telecom, and real estate industries. And we offer you software development services that can fit your precise requirements quickly so if you’re ready to jumpstart your project, you won’t find a better partner than BairesDev, the company that will show you why outsourcing to Argentina is the perfect choice.

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