9 Questions to Ask When Choosing Software Development Services

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If your business is taking on a new software project, the process of selecting a development team can feel daunting – especially if this is your first time. Where do you look? What should you look for? How do you know which are the best services for your organization?

When outsourcing your project, there are certain qualities you should be able to assess in a prospective partner like BairesDev. Here are 9 questions to help you gauge their fit with you and your team.

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Describe Your Development Process

It’s important to have a basic understanding of how the team conducts the software development process. While different products demand different steps, there are certain stages every development cycle should have. 

Items you should look for in a response include:

  • Discussing your business and technology requirements and needs for the finished project with you
  • The specific stages and steps they take to build your product, with a step-by-step outline
  • The testing they perform

What’s Your Methodology?

BairesDev embraces Agile methodology, which emphasizes collaboration, communication, and client feedback, but this is not the approach of all software development providers. Make sure you know the methodology and style a prospective partner uses before you contract them to build your product. 

You should look for a provider whose work style and approach match your business’, in order to achieve a stronger working relationship and better end results. In addition to asking what methodology they use, you might also ask a provider what that looks like in an actual software development life cycle so that you can refer to real-life examples.

Have You Worked on Projects Similar to This One Before?

Your provider should have experience working on projects similar to the one you want them to build. This will prove they have the precise knowhow to create the high-quality product you need. It will also demonstrate that they have some understanding of the audience that will ultimately use your product and be able to address issues that have arisen in past projects.

While projects in the same or a similar industry are one indication that the team is equipped with the technology, experience, and capabilities to create your product, that’s not the only indicator. Another sign that they’re able to meet your requirements is if they’ve developed an app or another product with similar features to yours. 

For example, if the software development provider has worked on banking platforms, they can leverage that experience for a retail payment app. 

How Do You Determine the Timeline for a Given Project?

Timelines can often change as the developers work on your project. Understanding how your provider calculates the timeline will allow you to know what to expect. The development team should be completely forthcoming with the factors that go into estimating when they will be able to complete a project and what will affect that figure.

They should also be transparent about how any changes to the timeline will affect cost. Be wary of a developer who is vague about these details or doesn’t outline them in your contract. The goal is to turn around a product as quickly as possible, after all.

Which Roles Are Included in Your Team?

When you outsource your project to BairesDev, the team will include experienced software engineers, quality assurance (QA) engineers, an engineering manager, and other roles as needed for the particular product.

You should be informed as to the specific roles that will be included on your team so you know which services you’re getting in addition to the development of the product itself. For example, you’ll also want your product to be tested by QA specialists.

Another factor to consider is the size and expertise of the team. How big is the overall company? Will they have enough personnel to work on your project? Are the team members senior or junior? This serves as an indicator of the level of quality and professionalism you can expect. This is not to say that less-experienced developers can’t produce quality work, but experience does signal that they have a wider breadth of knowledge.

Will You Provide Post-Development Support?

Software is never truly “finished.” You’ll need to continuously fine-tune it and release updates that address issues like bugs and improve performance. Ask your development team how they will work with you once you’ve initially released the product. Will they provide additional support? How much will it cost to continue to use their services?

It’s best to work this out before you engage them to build the product so you understand whether and how they’ll be able to maintain it. After all, you want your software to have longevity, which will require upkeep.

How Will You Communicate with My Team?

Good communication is pivotal for executing a great product. You and your provider must strike the right balance, with them keeping you informed as needed without overwhelming you with information. That’s why you should know how, when, and how often the provider will contact you. Will they send you daily or weekly updates? Who is the point person? Will they use Slack, Zoom, Skype, or other tools? 

You should also have a means for contacting your development team in case of emergency and know what plan they have in place for this type of occurrence. Additionally, if you’re working with a team outside of your country, you’ll want to make sure they’re fluent in your language. BairesDev, for example, is based in Argentina and completely bilingual.

How Do You Handle Unexpected Challenges or Issues?

Your development team may very well encounter problems during the SDLC. Or, your requirements may change. If your provider has the requisite amount of experience in building software, they’ve probably encountered challenges in the past and have plans in place for how to resolve them. You should know what those plans are and how they’ll affect your overall project and cost.

What Security Measures Do You Take?

You no doubt know just how important strong security is for any technology, especially given the myriad breaches in recent years. This question is two-fold: you need to know how the software development team will ensure your product’s security to the best of their abilities and how they will protect the data and information you give them.

Look for details such as security testing, as well as the measures they keep to prevent unauthorized access to your data. These are indicators that protecting your business is important to them.

Get Started with Software Development Services

These questions are a starting point for finding the best software development company for your needs and requirements. Looking for a team that will help you build quality software? BairesDev hires only the most talented engineers and other professionals for your outsourcing project. Contact us to learn more.

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