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A Software Development Company That Delivers

We are a software development company that provides high-quality solutions and value to our clients’ digital acceleration processes.

Our IT solutions can tackle all your business needs and project requirements. We can do so because we work with the Top 1% of IT talent, which guarantees you’ll always get a knowledgeable team of experienced professionals that can deliver innovative and scalable results.

Software Development Company

Our Unparalleled Technology Solutions

  • Custom Software Development

    As a Custom Software Development company, we provide high-quality development services tailored to your needs and requirements. We can make your workflows more efficient and provide you with quick and valuable output at a fixed cost or on a time and materials basis.

  • Cloud Computing

    BairesDev is the development company you need to integrate cloud computing solutions into your business. We can help you tackle your cloud strategy to increase your business agility, lower your costs, and strengthen your IT infrastructure.

  • UI/UX Design

    We design frontend development strategies to engage and captivate your users through beautiful designs and friendly interfaces. We will elevate the user experience of mobile apps, web platforms, enterprise systems, or any other digital solution you might have.

  • Blockchain Consulting

    Our software engineers have deep blockchain knowledge and experience. Thus, we can provide you with our expert takes for your blockchain projects, helping you make a quicker and more efficient integration while reducing risks and improving your overall security and traceability.

  • Software Testing & QA

    Our standalone and integrated testing services can boost your quality assurance workflow through a comprehensive and deep look into your business goals and applications. Our QA engineers make sure all your deliverables meet the highest quality standards in the market.

  • Mobile & Web Development

    We can overhaul your mobile and web solutions through high-performing native mobile apps and professionally crafted websites. Through our mobile and web development solutions, you can revolutionize your brand experience and further your customer engagement.

  • MVP Development

    We have the know-how and experience to quickly turn your ideas into Minimum Viable Products. We strip down your software to its essential features and build it so you can test and validate your product design in no time. We do so informed by a proof of concept design which leads us to an MVP that will help you better understand your value proposition and business model.

  • Internet of Things

    We have the expertise and experience to power up your IoT projects regardless of their scale. We can help you develop small, medium, and large-scale IoT projects for both the public and the commercial spheres, including telemetrics, sensors, industrial monitoring, and smart buildings.

  • Maintenance & Support

    We are a software development company that always goes beyond. That’s why we offer you superior maintenance and support services, from 24/ performance monitoring and dedicated maintenance to effective issue remediation. We can provide you with a three-tiered approach of monitoring, remediation, and management to complement or supplement your internal efforts.

  • Nearshore Outsourcing

    We are a nearshore custom software development company, which means we can offer you our services through an expert team that’s located close to your company’s headquarters. This provides you with similar time zones, no cultural or language barriers, and access to a more vast talent pool.

We provide top services for world-class clients, from start-ups to companies of all sizes.

Why BairesDev Is the Right Software Development Company for You

Top 1% IT Talent

Top 1% IT Talent

We evaluate over 1.2 million applicants per year to find the most talented Software Engineers and then proceed to provide them with continuous and extensive training to match the highest performance expectations.

Time Zone Aligned

Time Zone Aligned

Our teams work in the same time zones as you, removing friction and integrating seamlessly with your team. We wake up with the East Coast and call it a day with the Pacific Coast, aligning our work, meetings, and overall collaboration with yours.

Experienced Team

Experienced Team

Each of our senior engineers has an average of 10+ years of experience, ensuring you’ll always get the expertise you require. They are also 100% bilingual and are well versed in the latest technologies, guaranteeing efficiency and productivity.

Leverage the Latest and Most In-Demand Technologies

Custom software development solutions that boost your productivity


Digital security has become a priority for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. That’s especially true for large-scale companies that need to manage security risks when managing sensitive business data. That’s why you need a software development company that can empower your products with the latest security tech as well as provide you with a robust and highly secure development lifecycle.
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Artificial Intelligence

AI is set to revolutionize the entire world. In fact, it’s already doing it through machine learning and deep learning algorithms that are revamping entire workflows, automating repetitive tasks, and streamlining day-to-day operations. You can do so yourself with the help of our expert AI engineers, whose strategic vision will take your business to the next level in a cost-efficient way.
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The decentralized and distributed abilities you can access with blockchain can quickly transform your business. The public ledger can help you completely redesign your daily operations and your base systems, bringing you the highest level of security, transparency, and traceability. We are blockchain experts that can open the door for you to enjoy those benefits.
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Internet of Things

BairesDev has the knowledge you need to improve your digital ecosystem’s connectivity to a whole new level. To do so, we can develop new device interactions through IoT development, providing you with new cutting-edge tools to reimagine your business strategy, workflow, and entire communication environment.
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Cloud Computing

The Cloud has positioned itself at the core of the business landscape, bringing innovation and accelerating growth. Your digital acceleration process needs cloud-based technologies to increase your agility, lower your costs, and reduce your IT complexity. We can help you develop a strategic approach and build the cloud-based solutions you need to get there.
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Data Analytics

We are living in the age of data, so you need IT solutions that allow you to capitalize on the vast amounts of information available. We can build data-driven platforms and tools powered by AI that can sift through large datasets to reveal patterns and insights on customers, products, operations, competitors, and markets. You can then use these insights to inform your business decisions, adjust your strategy, and reach new performance and growth levels.
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Our Industry Expertise

We work with companies of all sizes and across every industry to develop
innovative and impactful software products. 

  • Tech Leaders

    We provide leading tech companies with the Top 1% of IT talent to boost their projects and increase their productivity.

  • Energy & Transportation

    We develop innovative and competitive solutions to improve the industry’s analytic capacity and to support its logistics.

  • Telecommunications

    We power up the communications and connectivity of the telecom industry by relying on cutting-edge technologies.

  • Retail & Ecommerce

    We create immersive and engaging platforms and support systems to meet the highest standards of retail customers.

  • Media Corporations

    We build custom software solutions that maximize the reach of the stories coming from the biggest companies in the world.

  • Marketing & Advertising

    We design data-driven Martech products that provide high-value intel to the marketing and advertising sector.

  • Healthcare Providers

    We support medical services through the development of a wide spectrum of digital medical products.

  • Fintech & Banking

    We supply the banking and fintech industries with powerful apps, systems, and tools that foster digital innovation.

  • Logistics

    We come up with smart automation and robust digital solutions for supply chain management platforms and systems.

  • Manufacturing

    We transform manufacturing processes by introducing new production, quality control, and security systems.

  • Public Services

    We imagine large-scale implementations of digital systems to support the creation of smarter cities.

  • Enterprises

    We formulate rupturistic ideas to completely redefine the digital ecosystems of enterprises and their large scale projects.

Our Portfolio

Check out how our top software engineers developed impactful solutions for industry-leading clients around the world.

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Facilitating Real-Time Data for Nuclear Power Plants Rolls Royce’s nuclear division works with data analytics, engineering and support services to...
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Developing Top Software Solutions in the Tech Industry Google is a multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and...
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Enhancing Ad Monetization Platforms in Social Media Headquartered in San Francisco, Pinterest’s mission is to bring everyone the inspiration to...
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SiriusXM Case Study BairesDev


A Custom AWS Architecture for Audio Streaming SiriusXM is the leading audio entertainment company in the U.S., and the premier...
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ViacomCBS Case Study BairesDev


Expert Maintenance Services for Worldclass Platforms ViacomCBS is a leading global company that delivers premium content to audiences across traditional...
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NetGear Case Study BairesDev


Custom Software Development in Networking NETGEAR designs innovative, branded technology solutions that address the specific end-to-end networking, storage, and security needs...
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We only hire the most experienced Top 1% of IT talent so our expert Dedicated Teams can deliver technology solutions and value immediately.

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