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Technology Insights 1


The De Facto Standard Open-Source Relational Database Modern businesses thrive on data. This has become a given over the past decade. And without data, your...
Technology Insights 2


The world's most popular platform can’t be avoided As of now, Android has a 72.83% share of the global mobile OS market. The closest alternative...
Technology Insights 3


A Product Design and workflow management tool InVision is one of the most popular product design and collaboration tools for digital products. It’s built by...
Technology Insights 4


A general-purpose programming language known for its reliability and scalability Elixir is a prominent general-purpose programming language. Businesses use Elixir for developing web-based applications and...
Technology Insights 5


A cloud-based platform for managing business processes ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that provides software as a service (SaaS) support for technical management. You can...
Technology Insights 6

The C# Programming Language

An exceptionally versatile language to build robust apps for the .NET ecosystem There are plenty of general-purpose programming languages out there, but developers can surely...
Technology Insights 7

The 6 Top Programming Languages for Launching Your Startup

Emerging Businesses, Strong Foundations In March 2020, there were more than 800,000 businesses that were under 1 year old, an increase from the same time...
Technology Insights 8

C Family Languages: What Are They? What’s the Difference?

Three Critical Programming Languages Many developers and laypeople alike are familiar with the coding languages C and C++. Even the relative newcomer C# — pronounced...
Technology Insights 9

Dart Programming Language

A best-of-both-worlds language for outstanding mobile UIs When your business realizes it's time to expand into mobile and web application development, it will quickly become...
Technology Insights 10


Query your APIs and get exactly the data you need. GraphQL is a query language. What is a query language? Simple: Query languages make it...
Technology Insights 11

MEAN Stack

Build Dynamic Websites and Web Apps with This JavaScript Software Stack Most modern web developers use a set of technologies to build sites and applications....
Technology Insights 12

Scala Programming Language

Designed to overcome the shortcomings of Java Scala is a statically-typed, general-purpose programming language that can be both Object-Oriented as well as Functional, which makes...

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