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How to Decide Between Cloud Hosting and On-Premise Data Center

A challenging choice Your business depends on servers to serve up content, applications, and services to employees, clients, customers, and even your supply chain. When...
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Terraform: Infrastructure as Code

A tool to help your business scale to meet demand Your business depends on infrastructure, and the larger your business grows, the more you have...
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What is Magento?

The eCommerce Solution Ready To Take Your Business to the Next Level If your business sells products or services, how do you make them available...
Software outsourcing

What Is Grails

The Java framework built for consistency and simplicity Grails is a high-productivity framework. Originally launched in 2005, Grails was known as Groovy on Rails, but...
Mobile App Development

The 3 Types of Apps Explained

What Are the Types of Apps? There are numerous categories of apps on the market: games, social, travel, productivity, utilities, shopping, lifestyle, educational, health and...
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React Developers Hiring Guide

A Front-End JavaScript Library Created by Facebook React (also called ReactJS) is a JavaScript library for building interactive elements for websites. With it, you can...
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The Internet of Behavior, Explained

Where the Internet of Things & Digital Behavior Collide In its Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021 report, Gartner identified 9 strategic technology trends that...
Mobile App Development

How Intelligent Apps Are Changing the Face of Mobile Technology

The New Era of Mobile Technology Alexa, Siri, and similar apps have revolutionized our lives. They make everyday tasks significantly easier and help us solve...
Teamwork software development companies

What’s the Best Framework for Your Project?

There's a Framework for Every Project The software development process takes an enormous amount of time and effort, variable, of course, based on its complexity,...
enterprise software development

Why Go Is an Important Language for Your Company

The Hottest Language In the Market Today's high-demand world requires a computer language capable of delivering productive, state-of-the web applications at unheard-of speeds and reliability....
JavaScript Developers

7 Javascript Frameworks to Embrace

Scale JavaScript Development with These Frameworks According to Stack Overflow’s 2020 Developer Survey, JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language. Such popularity is hardly...
Teamwork software development companies

Design Thinking for Better Website UX

Go Beyond What's Expected with Design Thinking In today’s online environment, most website visitors have grown accustomed to a user experience (UX) that’s not just...

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