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Why Outsourcing QA Is More Important Than Ever

Quality Assurance is all about creating the best possible product for your customers.

Damian Scalerandi

By Damian Scalerandi

SVP of Professional Services Damian Scalerandi leads every step of IT project delivery with multi-cutural teams to help accomplish client goals.

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outsource QA

Having worked in the IT industry for over a decade, I’m aware of the fact that Outsourcing QA shouldn’t be anything new for a lot of businesses. But even though more and more companies are looking to outsource quality assurance on a global level, many of them are going blindly about it—not to mention those who have hardly heard of QA & Testing.

Believe it or not, QA services aren’t as high up as they should be on the priority list of the common development project. And now, amidst the economical and social challenges of 2020, developing high-quality software that always performs as expected is more important than ever before. Why? Let’s take a look.


The New Value of Technology

There’s no denying it: we’re facing a worldwide crisis that has hit businesses in every industry in many different ways. From supply chain disruptions to fluctuating market demand, most companies have had to put a lot of effort into keeping their heads above water. But changes are inevitable and, in this case, the only way out is through. 

For a long time, technology has been the greatest ally for business leaders. It has allowed them to improve their operations, reveal new opportunities, and maximize the efficiency of practically everything that can be done. But although the concept of “digital transformation” has been talked about for years, the world is only starting to take it real seriously now. 

With people stuck at their homes and establishments having to limit their capacity to prevent COVID-19 contagion, digital means have become practically the only way businesses can keep their customers close. The new retail ecosystem created by the pandemic and the growing reliance on remote technologies has also entailed the new (and greater) value businesses are giving to their technology solutions. 

All of this has resulted in a market of what I like to call “accelerated digital transformations”. Everybody knew that software technology was the future. What nobody knew was that that future would arrive so unexpectedly. Nonetheless, this “accelerated” process has also led businesses to develop software products (commonly web and mobile applications) under priorities that were all over the place. Naturally, quality suffered—and, therefore, customers did too. 

In this market, high-quality software products matter more than ever because everyone is using technology to communicate and make purchases. Customers will be attracted, engaged, and remain loyal to the brands that offer the quality they expect from the average software application. And that standard is not by any means low. 


What Happens When You Outsource Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is all about creating the best possible product for your customers. However, it is certainly not easy to build a comprehensive QA & Testing team from scratch. Even companies that already have an internal IT department would struggle with this since software developers can’t act as QA engineers.

However, when you outsource quality assurance there’s no need to worry about any of these things. Outsourcing QA even comes with a wide array of benefits. Here’s what happens when you outsource quality assurance:

  • You get access to the best QA engineers: Finding the right QA & Testing talent for a project is quite difficult because the best QA engineers are spread across the world. Software testing companies overcome this challenge by forming distributed teams of expert engineers that specialize in what you need and work when you need it. 

  • You free-up internal resources: QA is filled with highly complex and time-consuming tasks that are rarely linked to the normal operations of your company. When you outsource quality assurance, your in-house team gets more time to focus on your core business and generate value where they are most effective. 

  • You adopt the best practices: The best quality assurance practices change constantly, particularly in the cybersecurity field. Keeping up with the latest trends and testing methodologies isn’t just hard but also requires true dedication and passion. Outsourcing QA means you get to hire people who are really into this stuff and will always implement the best and latest practices for your project. 

  • You minimize risks: The meticulous, creative, and intensive process of testing a software product means it’s fairly easy to overlook things if you aren’t an expert in the matter. A great team of QA engineers will avoid any downtime and leave no stone unturned so that your software app can achieve maximum quality. 

  • You save money: An in-house QA team is expensive to build and maintain. What’s more, most of their roles are only temporary or very project-specific, so finding talented QA engineers that want to fill that position would be very time-consuming and not cost-efficient at all. Outsourcing QA services bypass all the costs of sourcing, hiring, and retaining Quality Assurance talent so you can get to work quickly while saving money.

If you are asking yourself: Do I Need to outsource QA? read the complete article: 5 reasons to hire outsource QA teams.



It’s Time We All Recognize the True Value of Quality Assurance

Developing a product isn’t cheap. I’m pretty sure no business would like that amount of time, money, and resources to go to waste. When you outsource quality assurance, you are unlocking the potential of disaster prevention. A proper QA process is the best way to create simple, easy-to-use, intuitive, free of errors, and efficient software products. Let’s give it the value it deserves!

If you want more information about the importance of having an outsourced QA team, please visit our page: Why Choose Software QA Outsourcing?

Damian Scalerandi

By Damian Scalerandi

Damian Scalerandi is SVP of Professional Services at BairesDev. Damian leads every step of IT projects from design through project delivery. His 10+ years of experience in the tech field helps him lead globally diverse teams on large-scale tech projects.

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